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Welcome to my anime-planet profile page!

I'm mostly your average laid-back anime fan, not that much of an otaku, as I don't have a deep passion only for anime, but rather consider them a part of a much larger life experience... oh, but I don't read manga I'm afraid. I'm also a fan of japanese cinematography, especially of Akira Kurosawa's early movies.

As far as anime go, I must say that I enjoy the ones with SF, cyberpunk and/or adventure themes above all else, but then again anything that makes my brain work a little (preferably a lot) is worth my time. I don't have that much of an attraction to big-sword-fighting-robots-and-mechanoids, overly moe-type characters or highschool love triangles, but will occasionally watch an anime if it has an interesting storyline to go along with some of these elements. I also have a natural heterosexual tendency to dislike shounen-ai content.

If you'd like a recommendation, please check out my custom lists for starters. I've added everything that I consider memorable in there, and yes, they are ordered on an overall value basis, so you'll find the ones I consider most enjoyable at the top of each list.

Have a great time!

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craniu Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year !  ✌(◕‿-)✌ (I'm not a bot)

kamuishirou Feb 13, 2013


Inca mai traiesc.

Poti sa vb cu mine pe skype daca vrei.

dgmikep Dec 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Craciun fericit =^____^=

kamuishirou May 14, 2012


Deja e prea mult, 2 luni de animeuri... Nu am cum sa te mai ajung in ritmul asta... 

dgmikep May 3, 2012

Nu a meritat 5 stele :) Dar a primit like la personaje  :)Nu ma asteptam sa primesc comentariu de la tine (te-am dat la disparuti :P). Si ma intreb cum de te-am sarit de Paste :(