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i love anime ^-^

i like magic, pretty dresses, princesses and mermaids ^-^

make  some suggestions for me to watch?


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I adore these characters


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pastelgalaxies says...

No problem! I just hope that I actually helped and gave you an anime that you will like. ^^ Oh, and you might be interested in Princess Tutu, so if you would like to, then I would recommend maybe checking that out. I'm more than half way through it, and even though I've stalled it for the time being, it is a really lovely and magical anime. Granted, there is a ballet theme that runs throughout (I don't know if that interests you?) but the theme isn't very in-your-face. Rather, it just makes scenes really pretty and fairly captivating to watch. So, yeah. Maybe you'll like that.

Anyway, have a great day! Sorry for my rambling, haha, I'll stop.


Dec 9, 2010
pastelgalaxies says...

So, I stumbled upon your profile and I saw that you were asking for recommendations, and after glancing through your watched list, I thought I'd recommend Kobato (a CLAMP series) to you.

Although the manga hasn't been finished, there has been an anime made, consisting of twenty-four episodes. It's a shoujo series centred around fantasy -- that being the granting of Kobato's wish -- as well as romance, of course, with a sprinkling of humour throughout. ^^

While I happened to find the series to be super cute and very touching, it goes without saying that I can't guarantee that you will as well. All the same, I really hope that you do like it and that, even if you don't, you have the best of luck finding another series to your tastes.


Dec 9, 2010
Kari5 says...

Happy Birthday! :D

Jan 26, 2010