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Finshed Kuroshitsuji 2 ( yes , my lord )


Hi mena , Yesterday I finshied Kuroshitshuji 2 .. Kyaa it's Owwwwwwwsome *___* 

I never thought that " ceil will be a devil " Can't believe that :"( 

it was sad ending :"( ,  but it will be return with 3 season can't wait :) !! 

I looove ceil , but I am really shock ,, @@ 

I am also love this song it was in the ending when they said " in the memory of ceil phantomhive he is died " T___T  
but in a real he is comes a devil and far away :( 


listen this ^_^

Also I love the word that the black butler always said " Yes , my lord " I will missed it :""(

so I recently complete  Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

OMG its really Horror @_@  
I will tell you mena about it later :)

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