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(Detailed currently watching info below) Introductions...? I suppose so. I am Danny. Just Danny, not Daniel, or anything. I came here at the request of a friend, and use this site to keep track of all the anime I've watched since as far back as I can remember. I am grateful to this site for opening me up to all kinds of new anime, and will likely stick around here for many years to come. Shy in nature, I do not actively seek out friendship here, but if you wish, we can attempt to forge a bond of friendship and talk about anime. 

As for the types of anime I like, I would say Romantic Comedies are my top favorite, followed by Action/Adventure anime. As long as the anime catches my eye and the description and animation look good, I am pretty open to most types of anime. That being said; I am very picky about what I watch, and I judge every anime based on whether I think they are worth the watch; whether it looks like the creators put enough effort into it or not. (unless I really want some new anime) I am a rather harsh critic though, so every flaw and strength I see is taken into account on my opinion on whether it gets a good or bad rating.  

The most important thing I look for in most anime is interesting characters, followed by an interesting plot and a decent (or unique) animation. I appreciate when a lot of work is put into an anime.

Besides anime, I love video games, writing fanfiction, listening to the ocean's waves (seagulls are a nice bonus). 


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Nayume816 Feb 27, 2011

u can check on top on ur profile to the right the day u join I think??? and yea I did lol me popular?? psh not even lol if u r talking about comment its bc I went through ppl's profile and added ppl and comment sayin hi etc lol XD Dont wry I will spam ur profile lol (if u dont mind lol XD jk) and ty^^ anywayz how are u?^^

ukato Feb 27, 2011

nah its the Country. Our country has slow internet, hah.

But yeah, some dudes i know do torrent and ddl at uni, haha. But i cant be bothered to go through the trouble, just to grab a tiny bit more anime, i already download heaps at home ^.^

Oh god my handwriting is terrible too - even though i rely on it HEAPS to take notes in lectures coz the lectures just spewl shit and dont care if we get it down or not :(

haha yeah, guess that's it for now, for the long convos. It was great fun talking to you, especially your knowledge-filled talks on pokemon, ah the nostalgia~

Well, *maybe* see you on from time to time, otherwise, definitely be back in 3 months, lol. Dont forget me too soon :)

Nayume816 Feb 26, 2011

hi^^ I just joined today and hope we can become a great friend^^


ukato Feb 26, 2011

Yeah coz the internet is really slow over here, streaming takes too long to buffer, so i download and stash my stuff for a rainy day ^.^

Yeah ive seen some chapts of action series in manga form - the anime is incomparably more awesome (understatement ofc)

Lol children popout book mangas, with the music playing when you turn a page XD

Nah i didnt actually fail english, but it was damn hard to keep doing well in writing etc because i just despised the subject. So happy when it was no longer compulsary in form 7. Fucking hated writing like, 4 essays in 3 hour exam AND a damn reading comprehension shit with like 4 random pieces of poem/short story that you had to read and interpret the nuances DX

Hm Spanish? interesting?

I did Frence in highschool - totally forgot everything now, didnt really care about it. Dont know why i didnt take Jap instead, might have been coz i wasnt otaku yet - REALLY regret it (the fact that i didnt take jap, and the fact i didnt watch anime, lol)

Haha, na i prob wont be on much for real. Or i might be on just to list what ive watched (at uni ^.^)

1 more day to go before Hell/uni!

ukato Feb 25, 2011

haha yeah, normally i wouldnt call school or anything related to education, "fun". But jap was fun, coz jap is the Land of Anime (and big robots)  XD

"I could download a 1GB file in probably less than 15 minutes maybe." O.o Over here downloading a gb would be like... well i dunno, but in 15 minutes, on a GOOD GOOD day i could get a 300mb file MAYBE.

Thus, if im trying to get like a batch of a series of 12 eps or 24, DEFINITELY need to torrent, yeah :\

Yeah i guess lots of people find manga "boring" compared to anime too.. And i cant really imagine the guys reading Light Novels - full text, occasional insert pics DX

I dont buy manga actually, i just obtain them through "less respectable methods", lol. Like mangafox, prob the best site around.

Acutally i just remembered, i have the full collection of Dragon Ball manga. I got that in my childhood but didnt realyl read the whole way through , coz lol, anime.

Yeah i need my fix of anime songs in my ipod, if only they had Op songs in manga, haha. Maybe they will? Who knows, crazy japs XD

Yeah cant stand reading books either (maybe that's why i failed english haha)

btw i wont be on here as much at all starting monday when uni starts again... TT.TT i definitely will be back on HEAPS in... 3 months, when first sem ends, lol. But yeah, i might log on from time to time inbetween,... :\