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My review of the 2010 Drama/Sci-fi/Psychological anime, The Vanishment Of Hurahi Suzumiya, also known as "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu".

Note To Readers: It is highly suggested that you watch the main series titled, "The Melancholy Of Hurahi Suzumiya" before watching this movie or reading this review, as this review assumes that you have watched the aforementioned anime.


Well, the story, or "plot" involves around Kyon and the others making plans to have a Christmas party in their usual SOS Brigade room, and Haruhi is as excited as ever to get started, beginning with decorating the club room. While Kyon is putting up decorations, he manages to run out and Haruhi makes him go buy the missing supplies that they have run out of. He decides to bring them over the next day after he had to go back to school, but when he wakes up and comes to school, going to his usual class, he eventually finds that Haruhi has disappeared from everyone's memory and everyone in the SOS Brigade seems to be acting different. Much to his surprise, the blue haired girl named Ryoko Asakura has returned, and now sits in the place where Haruhi used to be but does not seem to act like her usual self either. Now Kyon, whom is still confused as to what is going on, tries to find various members of the SOS Brigade and see if they remember him, then formulate a plan as to how to fix whatever is going on in the world.

The overall plot was actually pretty interesting, though most of the time it wasn't really difficult to follow, except on certain parts. That's not really a bad thing however... It is easier to understand the movie if you have seen the first series that this movie is from, and if you haven't, then you might be very confused as to what exactly is going on and why certain things are the way they are.


As with the original anime series, I had no problems with the way the characters move or look, as it all looks top notch. Haruhi in particular is as active as ever, and there doesn't seem to be any signs of lazy animation around. Even the characters who have no importance to the story at all (or what gamers would call "NPCs" look as well done as the main characters, which just proves that the crew who made this anime really wanted it to stand out.


Due to the low volume of the video I watched this on (had to MAX my volume on both the player and my computer just to hear it good enough), it was a bit hard to hear the actual music, but when I did it was pretty good, but not good enough to want to listen to as a normal song. I guess the sounds just a good fit for the anime and nothing else. None of the voice actors for the characters were particularly annoying, and they all seemed to fit the characters really well, especially spaz queen Haruhi and the ever quiet Nagato.


Haruhi Suzumiya- The "center" character of the anime, who is a cheerful, optimistic, but very odd girl that only seems to find interest in the abnormal, and sees anything that is normal as boring and not worth her time. She is exceptionally attractive to many males around her school, but most become uninterested in her and usually call her psychotic because of her especially unique personality and outlook on certain subjects. Most people, including herself, do not realize she is actually somewhat like a god, being able to destroy the world and re-create it if she finds it unappealing to her. It becomes the job of the rest of the members of her made up club, the SOS Brigade, to make sure she stays happy.

While not particular my favorite character, I enjoyed her uniqueness that I haven't quite seen in any other anime. She's got a bundle of energy that comes from seemingly nowhere, and she always knows how to spice things up, even if it involves putting poor Mikuru in some strange slightly revealing costume and publicly embarassing her, and she doesn't even seem to care. O_O Let's just face it...she makes other people her pawns < :

Isuki Koizumi- An esper who seems to always agree to Haruhi's extremely crazy plans, regardless of how bad they might be. He seems to be highly intelligent and knows much more about Haruhi than he lets on. While he smiles and is polite, there are times when Kyon grows suspicious of him due to the way he speaks about Haruhi sometimes.

Hm...well he's not one of my favorite characters, but he isn't a pain or really annoying so I guess he's okay. Don't have much more to say about him.

Kyon- A normal human who is forced to join the SOS Brigade by Haruhi after she takes an interest in him. He tends to be a bit on the negative/aggressive side and doesn't seem to enjoy many things, but he generally has a good heart. Despite being the average human that he is, he is actually a very important person to Haruhi, whose actions towards her can literally affect the entire world in a negative or positive way. No one actually knows this about him except for Mikuru, Yuki, and Isuki, who are also responsible for keeping him alive and constantly reminding him that he has to keep Haruhi happy. He tries as hard as he can to protect Mikuru from Haruhi, but almost always does not succeed.

Kyon...I can't say a neither liked or disliked him. He did leave a good impression on me during this movie though at least when he stopped acting like a crazy guy, as he showed the "good" side of himself to Yuki, plus he realized he should stop being grumpy on Christmas and get along with everyone. Sounds like the Grinch right?

Mikuru Asahina- A shy and fragile girl who is always being made to wear embarrassing outfits by Haruhi much to her displeasure, and happens to be a time traveler from the future, unbeknown to Haruhi. Due to her unusually large breasts and cute nature, many of the males in the school are attracted to her but due to being a time traveler from the future, she is not allowed to get into a relationship. Sometimes her older self from farther in the future shows up in order to help Kyon become aware of certain important events in his time-line so he can take proper action.

While some might disagree with my opinion, I kind of feel bad for Mikuru (even if she purposely looks pitiful as an act) and how she keeps getting in public-ally embarrassing situations in front of the school with all those costumes Haruhi puts on her. Actually, I'd feel bad even being her friend in general and being unable to do anything about it because of Haruhi. Whatever the case, Mikuru's character was still played out well, and I don't think the anime would have been the same without her.

Ryoko Asakura- A highly intelligent classmate of Kyon whose good looks, smarts, and athletic abilities allowed her to become the classroom's class president of Kyon's class. Although she seems very human, it just so happens that she is also an alien like Yuki Nagato, but unlike Yuki, has a cheerful personality and is very social-able towards everyone, which made her very popular with both the boys and girls in the class.

Eh, I thought Ryoko was okay at first, then she did certain things that would be spoilers if I revealed them, and I don't like her. Yeah, that's about all I have to say about her.

Yuki Nagato- A silent, seemingly emotionless girl who spends almost all of her spare time reading various books, even when she is dragged into the SOS Brigade by Haruhi. She has the ability to manipulate the areas around her into whatever environment she chooses, send messages from the past to the future or present, hack computers, know of events that will happen in the past, present, and future, and even make amazing programs that can send people through time itself. She chooses most of the time to remain silent, but she will talk when responded to and when asked to give an explanation, she usually explains in such a way that people either cannot keep up with what she is saying or they cannot understand what she is saying.

I think that Yuki might be my favorite character out of the main cast. Though she doesn't have much of a personality, IMO all the events surrounding her are usually pretty interesting and she really stands out from the rest of the SOS Brigade. She has some pretty cool powers, is so intelligent that she can confuse pretty much anyone in the entire anime. It sucks that she never smiles or shows much emotion though, except during this movie. If she had a normal personality though, it probably would be the personality she displayed during this movie, which would be cool. During this movie though, the un-altered Nagato does show normal emotions near the end, which is good and proves she isn't completely emotionless.


This movie was actually really good, better than I was expecting. I have to admit that the anime kept me fooled as to who was the main "villain" of the movie, all the way up until they revealed who it was. The parts in this movie that involved Nagato (Yuki) really seemed to be where the anime shined the most to me, especially the scene near the end with Nagato and Kyon outside talking about what happened throughout the course of the anime. That scene was kind of touching in a way, and it really showed that Kyon can be a cool guy too. Nagato's alternate personality was strange at first if you were used to the original Yuki, who was seemingly emotionless and gloomy, but I really liked her new personality, which was that of a shy, quiet girl. I was especially surprised when they made her blush a lot and smile. Enough about Nagato though. Kyon was kind of an idiot throughout this anime, especially when he got all psychotic in the classroom when no one knew her Haruhi is. He claims to find the girl annoying, but now that she's gone he's suddenly upset. Yeah, he totally likes the girl. Search your feelings Luke Kyon, you know it to be true! Even when Nagato wasn't around, the movie was rather enjoyable to watch, mostly because of how the plot was progressing.

Just when you think it might be over and things will return to normal, the movie says "NO U" (not literally) and something else happens and there's more for Kyon to do. I was a bit disappointed when the anime was actually over even though it was pretty long, but I am glad that I had the chance and time to watch this. If you liked the first series of this anime and enjoy anime that have strange but good plots, then you should enjoy this movie.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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