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(Detailed currently watching info below) Introductions...? I suppose so. I am Danny. Just Danny, not Daniel, or anything. I came here at the request of a friend, and use this site to keep track of all the anime I've watched since as far back as I can remember. I am grateful to this site for opening me up to all kinds of new anime, and will likely stick around here for many years to come. Shy in nature, I do not actively seek out friendship here, but if you wish, we can attempt to forge a bond of friendship and talk about anime. 

As for the types of anime I like, I would say Romantic Comedies are my top favorite, followed by Action/Adventure anime. As long as the anime catches my eye and the description and animation look good, I am pretty open to most types of anime. That being said; I am very picky about what I watch, and I judge every anime based on whether I think they are worth the watch; whether it looks like the creators put enough effort into it or not. (unless I really want some new anime) I am a rather harsh critic though, so every flaw and strength I see is taken into account on my opinion on whether it gets a good or bad rating.  

The most important thing I look for in most anime is interesting characters, followed by an interesting plot and a decent (or unique) animation. I appreciate when a lot of work is put into an anime.

Besides anime, I love video games, writing fanfiction, listening to the ocean's waves (seagulls are a nice bonus). 


Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki- Alright, so they've killed off and readded a person, then killed her off again. Ploy to stall or plot advancing shenanigans? 

Charlotte- So Nao's bro became sane(r?) again. I wonder if Nao will start showing new emotions now? : O

Fairy Tail 2- Fairy Tail has for the most part, always been a pretty decent anime. Season 2 doesn't seem to disappoint, at least as of yet. I haven't watched an episode in awhile, and I am hoping to change that soon.

Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!- I am unsure of why I am watching this. The pervertness towards the characters might make me drop it, but hopefully it can redeem itself with awesome battle scenes?

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri- An interesting mix of fantasy and war. It's basically the real world VS the fantasy world, except most of the people on the fantasy side that are bad guys don't have access to any cool magic, and the real world has tanks and other overwhelmingly powerful killing tools. ...It's pretty clear at this point that the fantasy world isn't gonna win...

Gintama (2015)- Gintama is probably the only anime this year that is mostly comedy, and even after all this time, it retains its absurdly silly comedy that makes me laugh and go "wtf" at the same time. Always a pleasure to see a new episode of this. Still full of parodies, I see. They even mix seemingly serious parts in and then somehow make it comical out of nowhere. Typical Gintama show here. I really don't see too many anime like this.

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan- Lol, nope, still showing no signs of being completely predictable. By the way, those girls are totally going to get owned at this rate. I fail to see how that new team is any less skilled than the higher ranked ones.. Seriously, they looked way more coordinated than the high ranked teams shown so far.

My Love Story!- A friend suggestion. It's a bit cheesy and character interaction doesn't feel...what's the word? Legit? It's nice watch I guess, but I find myself thinking that the interactions aren't very realistic, even for an anime. The animation itself is nice though, and it seems to be unique in some form.

RDG: Red Data Girl- Something I found on Netflix. It's not too bad so far, but not amazingly interesting either. As of right now, I'm not expecting too much from this anime, but it hasn't bored me to death so far, at the least.

Rokka no Yuusha- So there's still seven braves....still. What is this, a cheap murder mystery? Get to the freaking story already O_O

To Love-Ru: Darkness 2nd- Even though the OVAs and some of the show are nothing short of borderline porn at times, I still find myself coming back to this anime. I really did like the first season, and when it isn't being perverted, the show actually gets interesting. I'm curious to see what Yami will be like when she's in the "Darkness" form or whatever. Given the nature of this anime, I would think something perverted has to do with it in some form though.

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Zaig says...

Yeah, Sunday Without God was a good anime at times. HOWEVER! The ending song is 10x better than the opening (it's one of my top favorites).

I agree, "Preserved Roses" is a great song. I prefer it over the second opening, "Kakumei Dualism", but it's still a good song. Unfortunately, this is an example of when the songs are better than anime themselves... Seriously, I felt like I wasted my time when I saw the ending yesterday - one of my biggest anime watching regrets.

Dec 29, 2013
Zaig says...

Not really sure what happened today. Yesterday we couldn’t really finalize a meeting time because you suddenly vanished/fell asleep (?), but I said in the chat I’d meet you at 3:00 PM your time. I saw you on the forums at 1:40 PM your time and signed into the forums plus the chat, but you weren’t there. I stuck around in the chat a half hour after our “meeting time,” so I was actually in the chat for almost two hours.

Want to try meeting again Thursday at 3 PM your time?

Oct 16, 2013
Zaig says...

Sorry, I didn't notice I had a new comment until yesterday. I don't check my profile much anymore. Your best bet is to send me PMs since I try to sign into the forums every day, but I still may not respond to my PMs until later

BTW, if you see this comment while I'm still on, sign into the chat. It seems I've just missed you, but hopefully you'll come back within a half hour or less. >_<

Sep 20, 2013
sothis says...

Hey there, i'm indeed aware of the issue - since the forum is down I'm posting about it on the site's twitter (@animeplanet) and facebook ( pages :)

Sep 12, 2013
Zaig says...

As long as you're familiar with SMT games and don't avoid many battles, you won't need to grind. Newcomers are definitely required to grind until they understand the battle system and learn to be more cautious because all it takes is one battle to wipe out your team before you even have a chance to move. If you take new enemies lightly and don't know what to expect, you're in for a world of hurt.

Sorry, I don't think we'll be able to play Tales of Xillia together. I really want to beat Tales of Graces f before I start the Xillia series. When do you think you'll buy it? I can make an exception for Chronicles because I've been very interested in the second Symphonia game, while as I'm not incredibly keen on playing the first Xillia game (more interested in the sequel, honestly).

I finished training one person last night, which means the mod team has a new ally from now on. Just one person left to train.

True, I'm about to watch the second episode, myself.

PS: I purchased a PC game from Steam called "To the Moon". It was on sale for $3.74 and only about 4 hours long (I finished it just now), but the story was well-written and creative - the soundtrack is good as well. I went ahead and bought it for you too because I want you to experience the incredibly game for yourself. You can get it from your steam account by accepting my gift and then installing it. I hope you enjoy To the Moon as much as I did!

Jul 15, 2013