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I'm just a crazy girl, who wants to learn how to make a good AMV. I'm 15, I live in Transilvania (no city is right in that region), and I want to become a game programmer.

My hobbies are: watching anime, reading manga, karate (almoust the black belt), playing the guitar (almoust 10 years) and playing good PC games (ye, I'm also a gamer).

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Tow3r says...

Just wanted to bump and say hello to you

have fan and enjoy every anime to the fullest


Apr 17, 2008
Kenjiro says...

Hiya, watching some nice series, though about the inuyasha series, its good and all but they suddenly stoped making the anime and just continued with the manga.

anyways, it ends at episode 167 i belive and its in the middle of the exitement >.<

Mar 31, 2008
KoRnMAN711 says...

hows it goin ? just popin in to say hi to everyone. hows read or die treating ya? good anime. anywoot g2g take it easy

Feb 12, 2008
Ninirini says...

i love high school dramas and like school rumble and i my me strawberry eggs

Feb 1, 2008
Ninirini says...

Hey I just wanted to know is Kanon really that good? I haven't heard much about it but it sounds like my kind of anime.

Jan 16, 2008