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A violent mind that my moil merchants and all they took that from me so that they get back to me after they talk to their supervisor a.m. but other than that I have no idea what to expect I mean I was kind of taken aback by the whole thing in appears with the whole probable cause yeah I'll all those work budget I I'll the one that our losses are you get the well or move on a I was speaking and Megan Leslie and I answered Alonso she said yes it a look but later I said well maybe you should watch the show first he agreed to that so I don't know for sure she's going to love showed up they get it right there listening please come showing it the yeah I just a also have Safer Colon a member Poland Yitzhak to closer say edit lost yeah a and that mean said that still want to put it call ok for StevenGodfrey I stole’s says it today or tomorrow is fine up on the street yes still looking for donations well cane dropped off seaside on a consult right is most the need concern i think is funny an apartment adult i’m right away for 500 six hundred dollars so just case and visit theirwatchin in the water you know look for apartments and send them like this other all this whatever it's up to you guys I help in and young Pony Jed yes young is actually his all well he get her all to my business but the you know he's got a person that I would like enough your help is in a bit of a bind police came and ugly numbers eighty clones and 11 planet another close or even released yet is a chronic pain for lunch and then couldn’t find..

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