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Galadriel avatar Galadriel


Oct 30, 2009

lol i didnt plagiarize anything...anyway plagiarize means that i stole something that belongs to someone else claiming that is my own work which i didnt do.Anyway i use it as an introduction on my reviews before reviewing the story etc. I didnt claimed that its my work but i also seen other people using it so i dont think that its a crime if i use it also...this review infact is made on the same site with the synopsis so everyone knows that it isnt my work.

Sorry that it may seem like that though but if i remember well there werent any rules regarding borrowing the synopsis to make a review and if it is i would like you to show me so i can edit my reviews.

Thank you and cya around

vivafruit avatar vivafruit


Aug 6, 2009

Whoops! Thanks for catching my spelling error. I'm glad you liked the review, and I hope you enjoy NHK!

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