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Kaorichaos Dec 30, 2009

How have you been? Seen anything good lately? ^_^

OnLittleFeet Dec 17, 2009

On your commentary about my review of Genji Monogatari Sennenki: wonderfully written, thank you so much.

I'll have to respectfully disagree with your interpretation on the womens behavior.

They may have gone into their affairs with him knowing what he was, but immediately when they do they cannot stop thinking about him. They weep and moan and then wax and wane dramatically about him no longer being there. They metaphorically beat their breasts when he is gone, while the anime seems like its telling me that without him there, they are simply pale ghosts of their former selves.

To me, the anime gives me the exact opposite of what you seem to see in it. Perhaps our definitions of what a strong woman, romance and such are differing enough to influence how we see this series?

I can't agree, but that doesn't mean I can't also admit that it may be our viewpoints that make it so.

Thank you again for the comment!

Kaorichaos Dec 17, 2009

I actually got it for only about....20$ from the Barnes and Nobles website and free shipping. Yea there are so many editions so i looked them up to try and find the most reliable but there is so much lost in translation especially the poetry since japanese words have mulitple meanings. The one i got is translated by Royall Tyler, and let me tell you it is a BIG book. I'm only on pg. 60 atm, but it's really good because you get to know so much more than the anime tells you like the whole first chapter was about his father and mother. And yes that is my exact lament over the anime community, don't get me wrong Naruto and Bleach arn't bad but in my mind they don't hold a candle to some of the other animes out there. ^__^ I'm adding you too.

Kaorichaos Dec 17, 2009

Hah apparently. I was actually about to write a review on it before i saw yours because i was shocked that it had such a low overall rating. Your last sentence of your review was what made me decide not to. ^_^ Since you summed it up so well. Heck i even went out and bought the original book The Tale of Genji after finishing the anime.

Galadriel Oct 30, 2009

oki then i will put quote marks to the site synopsis and also mention that its not my work.Not that i feel guilty or anything but i dont want to produce misunderstandings so i will just try to make it so everyone can be satisfied.

Ow and btw its no problem, stuff like this happen i didnt feel offended at all i respect everyones opinion as long as its not offending me.What u did was just a feedback and i usualy take them as "stuff that exist to make improvements" so ofc i take them in concideration.

~Cya around~ :)