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Otaku108 May 29, 2011

Do I know you? And do you have any reason other than to spam my profile comments with a MAL ad? Frankly I tried MAL first years ago, it was clunky, poorly designed, and a pain to use. Even if it's changed now I'm very happy with AP and have no desire nor plans to change let alone use MAL, ever.

Do not msg me again with this kind of shit...

JustNeko Jun 18, 2010

Looked at your fav anime list! Darker Than black, Code Geass, Death Note WOOT there so awesome!!! There my favs too haha.

~ JustNeko~

Kaorichaos Feb 21, 2010

Yea i really don't know much about Liar game except a friend from japan was like read this one. xD So was the series darker than black  worth  watching in the end? And lol i have a world of warcraft obsession on the side.

Kaorichaos Jan 28, 2010

I've come to realize i've only watched Totoro, Genji and Death Note on your favorites :O I should check out the rest.

Kaorichaos Jan 7, 2010

Hehe Happy Belated New Years to you too. I haven't seen either of  those but they look pretty decent. Yea i decided to go through my list of watched animes and see if they had any sequels or ova's i didn't know about and apaprently 1/4th of them do. haha so i guess when i finish the .hack series i'll do that. The sound track for .hack is amazing but they did a really poor job mixing it in with the voices so sometimes you can't even hear the people : /