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I was going to put some chibi gif.'s here, but who needs that when you can have a wall of egotistical text !?!

First of all, why am I here?  Why I like Lists. I tend to have a habit of making lists.  Lists, lists and more lists while procrastinating in my spare time.  Also being nosy and seeing my life go by so Anime Planet was the perfect place.

I first got into anime (putting Pokemon aside) when I was 15.  Before all that a friend tried getting me into anime, but it didn't catch my attention. I properly found anime after watching a movie countdown list on the British channel E4 when I was 14. Seeing one movie on the list that caught my attention titled Princess Mononoke, since I was into Chinese mythology at the time and thinking it was Chinese I made a mental note of it.

When I was 16, friends introduced me to a British tv channel dedicated to anime.  On it, I found my 2 favorite anime series, which was Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell. Also, after watching them I found my favorite  composer, Yoko Kanno. Also picking up is loved for Jazz and classical music instead of just Metal. Probably also why I took up Piano to this day. 

Moving on...  I do like to give referencess to other medias on my reviews or just recomending word of mouth, since I feel anime can be a standars media/art form and shouldn't be separated from others such as books.

On anime being individual I would rate things rather oddly.  What appeals most to me is music and background animation (aesthetics, for art's sake!). After that would be script writing and character development followed by story and so on. Shows that make you think like Evangelion, Lain or Paranoia Agent.  Anime is an art forum like others.  Although it is restricted to only be written by japanese accounts, it can still teach us of our past and our human nature.

Hobbies: Piano/Keyboard (Jazz and lowgrade Classical),   Cycling (live relitivly near mountains + sea + 25 minute cycle from city center!),  Roleplay (Dungeons & Dragons and Dark Heresy),  Reading (only read for 6% of my spare time but love it none the less),  Absorbing all human knowledge.

Favorite Musicians:  Jordan Rudess, Yoko Kanno, Igor Stravinsky, Oscar Peterson, King Crimson

Favorite BooksHerman Hesse: Sidartha, Osamu Tezuka: Buddha, Mo Yan: Big Brests And Wide Hips, Variouse Sources: 1000 Nights And 1 Night , Haruki Murakami: A Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End of The World

Favorite Civilizations:  Ottoman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Napoleonic Empire, Wei/Shu/Wu Dynasty, Globalization

Favorite Movies:  Princess Mononoke, Magnolia, Ikiru, Citizen Kane, Lawrence Of Arabia

Favorite Albums:  Pain Of Salvation: Be,  Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird,  John Coltrane: Blue Train, Ottorion Resphigi: Sinfonia Drammatica,  Ayreon: The Human Equation

Other Sites I Use: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCaWx1anefRuIruMjxlrxyQ



My Rating System

                           5:  This will impact my life                                                                                                          4.5:  A recommend to all 

                           4:  A great show                                                                                                                                3.5:  Good

                           3:  Ok, I guess                                                                                                                                       2.5:  Did I just watch that?

                           2:  Ugh...                                                                                                                                                  1.5:  * Passive Comatose

                           1:  God is dead                                                                                                                                     0.5:  "see that it meets no other eye."

                                                                             P.S.            Shinji Ikari is not an emo pansy

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Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

I personally think you have an awesome anime list. 

Jun 12, 2014
Slimek says...

Ah, I know a fellow Polishman named Hubert. Me and my friends call him Pubert, stemming from the word "pubes" - slang for pubic hair. He absolutely loves the name. Secretly though, he tries to deny it a lot often.

In the past six months, a few episodes of Bebop with my girlfriend (six do date!) and a marathon of seven episodes of Ping Pong a week ago has been all of my progress in terms of watching anime. I had a "brief" hiatus. Happens every year to year and a half and lasts about half a year. Yep, that's shittily written, good luck with trying to make sense of it! But anyway, I'm going to come back to watching anime over the course of the summer holidays. Hopefully there won't be many distractions from the world of Chinese cartoons and Korean comics - what truly matters in life!

When it comes to LotGH, you enjoy everything. Absolutely everything. There are no faults, simply perfection. It is the best anime I've came across, and I'm hoping you'll share that opinion after you experience the glory of this masterpiece!

Jun 6, 2014
Funkgun says...

I guess you could watch Lupin movies. many of those are subbed.

Fuma conspiracy, or Dead or Alive.

For Gundam, I found that G-Gundam, Gundam Seed, or Gundam Wing are a few you can watch with your mind turned off. They also are in thier own worlds.

If you want a Gundam for some fun action Gundam 08th squad.   All the ones I am mentioning here do not require watching the previous shows.

As for Gundam Mobile suit (old one) there is a lot of political intrigue and such that might make it hard to plow through.

May 31, 2014
Funkgun says...

AH yes, 

Landmarks in what Westerners and what Japan would consider the landmarks of anime are probably not as similar. 

I would suggest many of the titles you have already seen are titan titles (Akira/Bebop/Eva)  

If you go Japanese landmarks Gatchaman, Makazinger for defining Mecha, Gundam (the original Mobile Suit)Making Mecha what it is today, Macross for tieing pop music to anime and delivering a dynamic of a love triangle, and possibly Miyazaki's earlier works such as Castle of Cagliostro, or Nausicaä.  Speaking of Castle of Cagliostro Early Lupin TV show (season 1 or 2)  You don't have to watch a lot, maybe enough to get the general vibe of the franchise (most of the show was completly episodic) I'd even go as far as saying, watch a handful of Doraemon just to get a sense of title Japanese people (who don't even watch anime anymore) probably saw as a kid.

Now for cool titles that are ones I cut my teeth on and in the early days of VHS titles broguht over, that will be another list on another day. 

I hate to overkill your wall. 

May 29, 2014
Slimek says...

Oh yes, our hearts have been bonded by the ties of fate. We've known each other for eight days now. I've only cheated on him 24 times this week, and it's only Monday! True love right there.

Well, I wasn't born here. I originally come from Poland, though my family moved to Glasgow back when I was 6-7, so I managed to adapt to the country and it's culture and language. Unlike a lot of Scotsmen yelling "FREEDOM" everytime the country of England is even refrenced, I do happen to have knowledge of the history of the country. Despite my nationality, I have a burning passion for tea. Twenty cups a day is a must!

And no, I'm not going to clean your toilet. Not every Pole is a plumber! I happen to be a painter... Not like that's a more stereotypical job or anything.

LotGH is a masterpiece that simply cannot be spoiled, I would never dare to do such thing. By the way, no matter how high your expectations may be of the show, they'll still far from how brilliant the show actually is.

May 26, 2014