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<rant/adolescent review>

An ok movie but just wasn't for me.....  Yes, I'm a heartless monster.

Story:  This movie is based around a romance between two children around fifteen or sixteen years of age.  Since they have school 'oh noes!' and invisible parents, plus living in different regions which makes travel (which is the boys' responsibility) difficult.  The boy tries to meet her a few times but because of ill planning and parents he fails to.  I do like the theme that hoping for good things doesn't necessarily make them happen.  

Animation:  I have to say that this anime dose turn a new leaf for high budget Japanese animation.  Plenty of luscious scenes to take in where everything is so detailed when it wants to be that the shadows almost have shadows!  For people interested in the art for art's sake I would recommend this movie.

Sound:  For great art I expect great sound but for this movie I was a little disappointed.  For most people soundtracks are meant to be musack but personally I pay too much attention to sound.  If you want my opinion on the sound, I could imagine a pianist trying to play something like Twin Peaks (which is an Amazing show!) with only his/her paycheck in mind.  I know this is a low blow but I'd rather mute the movie and play an opera by one of the greats over it.

Characters:  The characters arn't that bad, they act their age and feel they way they should in thouse circumstances.  I dont have a problem with them but the movie focuses more on the ambient background rather than the characters themselves.  Looking at the characters it's like watching negative space (well the scenery is pretty shiny o-o).

Overall:  The movie is ok if your are of a younger generation and I'm sure most of us can relate to the movie.  It focuses on real issues but by the time I got around to this I already saw nought  tear jerking movies to be immune to this.  The movie has poor balancing in my opinion with some areas stronger than others.  Hopefully this movie is for you.

3/10 story
10/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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