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Jul 6, 2013


Kite - the Original Infamouse Animation

Before I start I want to say that this will be an upset response rather than a review as you can see by my rating.  I have only watched about 20 minutes but it was long enough to leave its impression. This will contain minor spoilers but there's not a lot to miss out on in my opinion.

I'm a fan of Gekia and approve people's right to takle dark subjects about society and the human condition in the hopes of raising awareness, yet any power can be corrupted.  The anime all in all is about an assassin android roughly 12-15 who is being asked to kill dregs of the earth such as murderers and pedophiles yet her master is in a sexual relationship with her as suttely shown in a scene. Besides that condradiction what made me turn it off was the fact that in a long scene there were pictures making up the background were pictures of real life murder victims.  I wanted to let it pass since I remember seeing a large photo of the famouse Vietnam shooting picture in Stardust Memories but then I put the pieces togeather. In Stardust Memories the photo was put there to reflect on the gritty side of man when all about in the first world seems to be ok, in Kite they were just there to show just how much you can get away with in making an OVA.

On the "good" point about this anime I have to say mid that it can show just how smutty the otaku culture can get when you make an OVA compared to tv.  If your watching it for something retro to watch or for cultural purposes then go ahead but take my advise, "may contain some scenes that some viewers may find disturbing". 

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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