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I was going to put some chibi gif.'s here, but who needs that when you can have a wall of egotistical text !?!

First of all, why am I here?  Why I like Lists. I tend to have a habit of making lists.  Lists, lists and more lists while procrastinating in my spare time.  Also being nosy and seeing my life go by so Anime Planet was the perfect place.

Moving on...  I do like to give referencess to other medias on my reviews or just recomending word of mouth, since I feel anime can be a standars media/art form and shouldn't be separated from others such as books.

On anime being individual I would rate things rather oddly.  What appeals most to me is music and background animation (aesthetics, for art's sake!). After that would be script writing and character development followed by story and so on. Shows that make you think like Evangelion, Lain or Paranoia Agent.  Anime is an art forum like others.  Although it is restricted to only be written by japanese accounts, it can still teach us of our past and our human nature.

Hobbies: Piano/Keyboard (Jazz and lowgrade Classical),   Cycling (living near city/mountains/sea is an oportunity not missed),  Roleplay (Dungeons & Dragons and Dark Heresy),  Reading (only read for 5% of my spare time but love it none the less),  Absorbing all human knowledge.

Favorite Musicians:  Jordan Rudess, Yoko Kanno, Igor Stravinsky, Oscar Peterson, King Crimson

Favorite BooksHerman Hesse: Sidartha, Osamu Tezuka: Buddha, Mo Yan: Big Brests And Wide Hips, Variouse Sources: 1000 Nights And 1 Night , Haruki Murakami: A Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End of The World

Favorite Civilizations:  Ottoman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Napoleonic Empire, Wei/Shu/Wu Dynasty, Globalization

Favorite Movies:  Princess Mononoke, Magnolia, Ikiru, Citizen Kane, Lawrence Of Arabia

Favorite Albums:  Pain Of Salvation: Be,  Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird,  John Coltrane: Blue Train, Ottorion Resphigi: Sinfonia Drammatica,  Ayreon: The Human Equation

Other Sites I Use: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCaWx1anefRuIruMjxlrxyQ



My Rating System

                           5:  This will impact my life                                                                                                          4.5:  A recommend to all 

                           4:  A great show                                                                                                                                3.5:  Good

                           3:  Ok, I guess                                                                                                                                       2.5:  Did I just watch that?

                           2:  Ugh...                                                                                                                                                  1.5:  * Passive Comatose

                           1:  God is dead                                                                                                                                     0.5:  "see that it meets no other eye."

                                                                             P.S.            Shinji Ikari is not an emo pansy

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Sianeka says...

Hello, and thanks for adding custom lists on Anime-Planet!

The site has recently launched some changes and now have a few new privacy levels for lists, including ‘Private’ (the default value for custom lists), and ‘People who visit my profile’ for personal tracking (‘Things I plan to watch in 2016’) that your friends might want to know about, or personal challenge lists, etc. These can be seen in your profile, or everywhere across the site for those who follow you. Here’s a full writeup of the privacy levels.

Many of your lists have been changed to ‘People who visit my profile’ - you’ll see a small eye icon (that only you or your followers will see) next to these lists titles, because they don't list descriptions/reasons for the anime being on the list and/or they are personal-type lists. If you eventually decide to turn these into community lists (lists with descriptive titles and descriptions for each list item) feel free to change the privacy level to “Everyone” to make a list public. (A little note for each item why it made the list would be great to see!)

Community lists should almost always have a reason for each item, because the person reading will want to know why it’s good (or bad).  Listing reasons shows why THESE anime shows are on YOUR list!

Thanks again, and let me know if you have any questions!

Mar 26, 2016
DarkShion says...

Woah, so strange! But hey, hello :3

Jan 13, 2015
Valentino says...

Well, as you know, I'm quite often online, so it's odd that you haven't seen me there. :O  I googled this Ron Hubbard and found out that he has created his own church. At that instant I understood that I'm dealing with a sharlatan. 

Dec 9, 2014
Forgetting says...

Now that I think about it, you might be right! I believed one of his pets got sick, I just couldn't recall which one. And it's true that Amedio the little monkey was much more of a character than the donkey. I'm sorry about the confusion, and for inducing into error!! o////o

Dec 8, 2014
Valentino says...

Btw does that line "Keep it cheesy, keep it safe" refer to a quote from LOTR (by Gandalf), "Keep it secret! Keep it safe!"? :)

Dec 7, 2014