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First of all, why am I here?  Why I like Lists. I tend to have a habit of making lists.  Lists, lists and more lists while procrastinating in my spare time.  Also being nosy and seeing my life go by so Anime Planet was the perfect place.

I first got into anime (putting Pokemon aside) when I was 15.  Before all that a friend tried getting me into anime, but it didn't catch my attention. I properly found anime after watching a movie countdown list on the British channel E4 when I was 14. Seeing one movie on the list that caught my attention titled Princess Mononoke, since I was into Chinese mythology at the time and thinking it was Chinese I made a mental note of it.

When I was 16, friends introduced me to the tv channel dedicated to anime.  On it, I found my 2 favorite anime series, which was Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell. Also, after watching them I found my favorite  composer, Yoko Kanno. Also picking up is loved for Jazz and classical music instead of just Metal. Probably also why I took up Jazz and Classical Piano up to this day. 

Moving on...  I do like to give referencess to othermedias and pop culture and I do apologizee for inconvenience.  On anime being individual I would rate things rather oddly.  What appeals most to me is music and background animation (aesthetics). After that would be script writing and charector development followed by story and so on. Shows that make you think like Evangelion, Lain or Paranoia Agent.  Anime is an art forum like others.  Although it is restricted from Japanese accounts it can still teach us of our past and our human nature.

My Rating System

                           5:  This will impact my life                                                                                                          4.5:  A recomend to all 

                           4:  A great show.                                                                                                                                3.5:  Good

                           3:  Mediocre                                                                                                                                         2.5:  Did I just watch that?

                           2:  Ugh...                                                                                                                                                  1.5:  * Passive Comatose

                           1:  God is dead                                                                                                                                     0.5:  "see that it meets no other eye."                                                                 

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Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

I meant your anime list is good, but you should make a list on anime that should get more hype on this website and anime that actually had a powerful (or deep) ending that made the show better overall. (:

Jul 2, 2014
StealerOfLizards says...

I'm kinda biased, because I'm really into the mecha anime genre for the most part(especially the gundam series), However I enjoyed the series and If your a fan of mecha anime It's worth a watch.

And to answer your second question, Yes she does And i look forward to every dance

Jun 30, 2014
Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

I personally think you have an awesome anime list. 

Jun 12, 2014
Slimek says...

Ah, I know a fellow Polishman named Hubert. Me and my friends call him Pubert, stemming from the word "pubes" - slang for pubic hair. He absolutely loves the name. Secretly though, he tries to deny it a lot often.

In the past six months, a few episodes of Bebop with my girlfriend (six do date!) and a marathon of seven episodes of Ping Pong a week ago has been all of my progress in terms of watching anime. I had a "brief" hiatus. Happens every year to year and a half and lasts about half a year. Yep, that's shittily written, good luck with trying to make sense of it! But anyway, I'm going to come back to watching anime over the course of the summer holidays. Hopefully there won't be many distractions from the world of Chinese cartoons and Korean comics - what truly matters in life!

When it comes to LotGH, you enjoy everything. Absolutely everything. There are no faults, simply perfection. It is the best anime I've came across, and I'm hoping you'll share that opinion after you experience the glory of this masterpiece!

Jun 6, 2014
Funkgun says...

I guess you could watch Lupin movies. many of those are subbed.

Fuma conspiracy, or Dead or Alive.

For Gundam, I found that G-Gundam, Gundam Seed, or Gundam Wing are a few you can watch with your mind turned off. They also are in thier own worlds.

If you want a Gundam for some fun action Gundam 08th squad.   All the ones I am mentioning here do not require watching the previous shows.

As for Gundam Mobile suit (old one) there is a lot of political intrigue and such that might make it hard to plow through.

May 31, 2014