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sup er'body im 15(pretty much 16,my birthday comin soon so thats kool) n-e-way,i got off subject,lol yea so im currently livin in North Carolina ive been only 'really' watchin anime for bout a year(one of my friends got me hooked on it and i cant get enough of it) but when i was a kid i was watchin dargon ball z,yu-gi-oh,digimon and stuff like that,so i grew up on that shit

im more of a music freak then anything i listen to all type of music from as i lay dying,korn(only old skool),cannibal corpse,job for a cowboy to lil jon,wu tang clan,311, incubus,deftones etc. so yea u get da point

when it comes to anime im more picky i usually only watch dark, bloodshed, violence type of anime or mystery,psychological,thought-provoking or symbolic anime

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CeZaS93 Dec 7, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

Reawen Nov 27, 2007

Hey, welcome to A-P! I was checking out the newcomers (mmm... fresh blood ^_^ ), so I stopped by your profiled.... but.... I can't believe your dropped Fullmetal Alchemist!!!  *shock*

So I'm reeling a little from that shock, but welcome anyway. I see you're watching Devil May Cry - I enjoyed it. I like the character. I actually haven't played the game yet, but now I want to ^_^