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Itazura na Kiss

25 JUL

7 out of 10 stars.
This review is based on episodes 25 out of 25.

To be honest, the whole plot seemed a little coincidental before I even thought of downloading the anime. But now I’m kind of glad I’ve watched it.

This is obviously a very big issue, because I have no idea how romances work anymore. In this anime the guy goes from hating the girl to marrying her in a matter of 26 episodes. It really annoyed me, because it doesn’t work like that. The amount of time difference makes me feel like I’ve missed out on a whole lot. I remember that once, during the anime, there was suddenly a sign saying, “Four years later” and I couldn’t imagine what happened in that four years. Maybe some vital things which would make us believe their relationship a little more. You see, the author looked like they’ve rushed the whole anime/manga and it was quite sad seeing something which such potential go to waste. 

There were some love issues around here, and how that guy (forgot his name) with the long hair liked Kotoko at one point. At that time, I thought, “Oh, how cliché. She’s got another boy after her.” I still think the whole plot would’ve worked better without that guy, but then again, that way Irie-kun would’ve never realised his jealous feelings towards any other man getting closer to Kotoko. 

I actually found it too coincidental that both Kotoko and Irie’s younger brother had the same appendix issue. To be honest, I’ve never been to hospital (thankfully) so it seems a little unbelievable that both of them went with the same issue. Of course, that could be one of those times where a lot of time had passed, which is exactly why I didn’t like the amount of huge time differences. At maximum, the story should be moved forward by a couple of months, not four years. 

Kotoko’s friends were just sitting there with no reason. No, really. Her friends claim to be so dumb and ignorant, so what happened to them at the very end? Her school-friends, I mean. It’s hard to believe she doesn’t have any contact with them, even though she’s been with them for so long. Their personalities are too similar for my tastes, and I can hardly tell them apart without their appearance. But I love their sarcastic attidtudes. 

There are so many positives, but let me start with how the writer did everything in their power to make this an incredible story. There were many moving scenes and places where I actually cried, being the complete idiot I am. There was that little boy (Gah! Forgot his name) who came into show-business and he was the reason Irie-kin became a doctor in first place. It really showed me how inspirations work, and it made me feel happy and relieved at the same time. Because one of the only reasons Irie-Kun became a doctor is so he can cure that boy. 

All the characters ended up with someone, except for Kotoko’s now-friends and old classmates, which made me rather sad because I wanted it to have a good, happy ending. The main characters made a huge influence on how I see the world, because now I know it doesn’t matter what the girl looks like or whatever. Kotoko had no talent whatsoever, but it was her endless persistence that made Irie-kun fall for her. And that’s something that everybody can gain, no matter what. I guess it kind of gives me hope about how all the keys are likable. 

I love how Chris’s mum thinks of that guy (you know, the one who was in love with Kotoko?) as one of the most handsomest people in the world. The fact that people from English areas have different eyes than us makes me laugh, because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Irie-kun. I love that guy. He’s so cold, and yet, warm at the same time. I just wish he was a little nicer towards people confessing to him… 

Like I said, there are so many good things. It’s hard to organise them together. But despite everything, this anime made me laugh aloud so many times, it was awesome. I love how Irie-kun could just tell when Kotoko was having one of her wild fantasies, and then he would just sigh and roll his eyes. The ending episode was so cute, it was adorable. The one with the kids and how they went to Irie-kun’s original house. 

This was a great anime with everything that you need. A little predictable, but it’s definitely worth watching for anybody who likes romance in their animes. And although I hate romance being the main thing in an anime, this one actually pulls it off quite well. It’s actually because it’s not just about romance, but trust, loyalty and finding yourself.

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Tomo90 avatar Tomo90
Jul 25, 2011

Very good and well thoughtout review. Some of your points were brilliant because I never thought of it that way. I wish Irie-kun was less of a jerk though. Btw you may want to put a spoiler warning because some of the things you mention may be viewed as a spoiler. Overall I enjoyed your review :)

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