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Bokura ga Ita

25 JUL

7 out of 10 stars This review is based on 26 out of 26 episodes

When I finished this anime, I thought: Gosh, what a waste of time. Before falling asleep I had the title repeating itself in my head over and over. We Were Here. And all of a sudden, I had goosebumps.

How the heck does the main character manage to have two boys head-over-heels for her? That’s what I’d like to know. Love-triangles are so overrated these days, but this one will have to be one of the most unrealistic I’ve come across. Sure, both of them like her. For what reason? And anyway, aren’t they a little young to be “fighting-over-girls”? But I guess that’s just how immature those boys are. 

I’m going to say it right now: I hate the main character and her petty issues. Maybe her Yano did go and comfort that other girl (you know, the one with the grey hair and glasses?), but then crying all over for it? How inconsiderate can somebody be! There’s a girl out in trouble, and then her boyfriend is the only one who’s able to help. Why would she be as selfish to get so mad and peevish over that tiny thing? Okay, so maybe he had previous –ahem– physical relations with her, but can’t the main character be a little more considerate? Or maybe this was just the author’s way of showing how jealous the main character could be, but to be honest, I absolutely hated her. 

You can’t fall in love that easily. And on another note, even if you have, you’re not going to just admit it aloud to some random girl who confessed before. It’s really unrealistic how Yano confessed to the main character (see? I hate her so much I can’t think of her name!) about how he loved her as well, when in reality, he hardly knew her enough. 

Confessing areas at the end of each of the fesitvals? Give me a break. As if the school would ever allow something like that. I think it’d be more realistic if the teachers had no clue about it, and then the students would’ve just made it something among them. It’d be more secretive and give me more a spark of excitement, rather than, “Oh, the teachers know about it as well.” 

The dead girlfriend really gets on my nerves. It was made all too dramatically, but then again, it has that bit of “reality” in it. So it’s not too bad, but it made everything way too dramatic than it actually needed to be. I just remembered the main character’s name! It’s Nana, along with the same name as his pervious girlfriend before she died in an accident. A little bit of a coincidence? Yes, definitely. 

That other girl with the glasses –Nana’s younger sister– should’ve ended up with Yano. Nana (the main character) should’ve ended up with that other guy. It’d make it much less predictable and even more believable. I can’t believe that stupid Yano! How dare he just break that girl’s heart? 

The relationship, although heavily dramatic, taught me a life-long of unforgettable lessons about love, trust and loyalty. One of the only reasons their relationship would never work out, is how each time they lack something. Whether it’s trust, the way everything is working. Maybe it’s even jealously which is getting in the way of their relationship, but all in all, I found that bit really realistic. 

I’m glad that there are characters in the story which I liked, because I didn’t quite feel much for the two main characters. To be honest, Yano’s old girlfriend (Nana) was my favourite character in the entire anime, her sister being my second. Both of them have a range of different sides to each of them, and that makes me feel like there’s a whole lot to them than I know. This makes them appear really realistic. 

This anime didn’t have a happy ending, and thank you! The only reason it didn’t work out too well from my point of view, is that I was never really “into” the anime to start with. So I didn’t cry or anything, but when I thought the words over and over in my head, I got a little freaked out about how intense the words are. Because “We Were Here” can be interpreted in so many ways, and you just have to watch the anime to find out those things. 

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the awesome bittersweet ending, I would give this 4 out of 10. But because the ending managed to win me over, I’m giving this a 7.

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