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Gunparade Orchestra

Jun 22, 2012

I'm going to divide this in three separate reviews for each of the three chapters which appeared in the whole story. Short of a small mention near the beginning of the latter two they are completely unrelated except for the fact that they all happen in the same universe.

White Chapter - Ep 1-9

Story: Well, to put it bluntly this didn't even come close to GunParade March and it was the closest setting wise. To put it simply, new commander, with wholly unsubordinate members. For me it failed, it didn't capture the mix of high school and military the way it should have. That's all I really have to say.

Animation: It wasn't that bad, nothing to write home about. The mechs were horrid. Unlike the trucks and the plane which seemed to blend fairly well into the background, they stood out like a red infected thumb in bleak white and grey that was the setting.

Characters: Nothing special. A lot of the same, insecure female lead, playboy, quiet kid, and the normal high school drama characters of the queen bee and such. Expected if nothing else. Okay but most of them just seemed flat.

Green Chapter - Ep 10-17

Story: This one is a shot in dark, there were no mechs used by the main characters at all. They instead have pets, well, yeah pets. These pets are like giant dogs, or a tiger in one case. With a set of arms growing out of their shoulders. It's kinda strange but far from a spoiler. The story, was lacking. There was tension and some hurt feelings, but for the most part it just didn't click.

Animation: Again, like before nothing special. No real problems, most of the action was smooth and there weren't any major flaws.

Characters: A little better in the character department then what I was expecting. I hated them. To be blunt. They grew rather quickly for only have eight episodes in which to do it. The main Gen, was a child with a machine gun. CHARGE!, was the only thing he knew how to do right up until the last two. The rest, were there and had some interesting things to say but again it just didn't click into place.

Blue Chapter - Ep 18-24

Story: It's irrevelant. There is one in there, it's just so muddled you can't really pick it out. It has nothing to do with the genjyu or the war. Really I think it was just thought up on the spot to finish out the season at 24 episodes.

Animation: More of the same, the mechs don't even appear for more then a few seconds until the final episode.

Characters: We get a repeat back story from the Green Chapter. We also see a lot of the characters paired off in the same manner as a lot of crappy romances. Friend misunderstands something and asks around type thing. Oh well, it was a nice finisher. Two of the characters actually had a really nice thing going right up to the end, though you won't notice till it hits you in the face.

SOUND: Figure I might need to get to this now. It was good, the opening was nice and I rather liked it. The voice actors weren't bad, they fit the characters well I think. The sound effects were as good as I remember from GPM, the only thing that didn't work with me was the ending. It seemed out of place to me but other people might see it differently.


It wasn't a bad watch and I would reccomend it, good for a once over and that's about it though. As a note for those wandering, it's not a sequel to GPM. Think of it as being set in a similar universe, mostly because there is no mention of brains or PBMs at all in the entire season. Something else that bothered me and might bother you. In the white chatper, they talk about a beam gun, or beam cannon. I didn't see a single one. No beam fire at all. Actually, short of that first mention you don't ever hear about it again. Well enough babble. It's good for a single watch to kill time.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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