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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

28 SEP

Code Geass depicts the inner struggle any ordinary person can have when he discovers he can change the world. The main character, Lelouch, could be considered an anti-hero but that isn't wholy true or false. The story starts out right away and continues at a solid pace. There are some dull comical moments that could be shorter but the drama and mystery is correctly put in every episode. The bad thing about the story is that it doesn't provide as much backstory to the characters and the overall universe as it possibly could have, but it is an intruing, fun and exciting tale. The animation is fluid and the character designs are suberb. The sound is alright and the voice actors are a fine choice. Some openings don't have the best music though... but I digress. The characters aren't all interesting. The main characters are chosen over many mundane ones around the middle of the series but the main characters are well presented. Each one has their ideals and belief and the struggle between their ways of changing the world is interesting. You should watch Code Geass, you won't be displeased. 

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 9/10
  • Characters 9/10
  • Overall 9/10

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