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Sep 21, 2012

Okay, BLEACH is a series with a lot of action and flashy fights. The story was good and and well developed at the begging of BLEACH. But, at some point, it made no sense at all. (Im talking about Aizen's attack at the fake Karakura town.) From that point, it was just silly. Characters appeared and disapperead without much of a reason and the whole plot lost its meaning. One more thing, at first, BLEACH was action/adventure/fantasy/comedy. After some arcs it was reduced to action/adventure/fantasy/drama. That didn't bother me a lot though. The good thing about BLEACH is that each character develops alone, depending little on the action of others. That indeed is a good thing. The bad thing about character development is that the main character, Ichigo, is as bland as he was inthe first chapter. Nothing changed his character and nothing will. Hisacts the same no matter the situation. The other bad thing is that, characters are easily introduced and then killed off in the following 4 chapters, making name memorazation and favorite characters(mainly villains) a bit one sided. The art is good, each character stands out. The bad thing is that BLEACH hasn't got any enviroments. What I mean is that, a page of a chapter can be a character charging a blast, the next is the blast and the last is the aftermath leaving no trace of background. Most fights are in the air too or in dark/smoky/sandy areas with little details. In general, BLEACH offers a nice cast of main and forgetable characters, unique and cool setting and abilities for each character and a story that starts out well but is reduced to wtfness at some point then gets back on the good side again and repeats the circle. 

6/10 story
8.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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