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I'm new to this site, but I freakin' love anime. So hopefully I'll meet some people who share the same interests as I do and we can babble all day and night about it! Haha.

I also RP, so feel free to ask me if you'd like to do a fandom. I'm friendly, I swear! Although I'd prefer some M/M. I'm a slasher!

Other than that, I plan to watch as much as I can and make as many friends as I can. Fingers crossed.

It's going to take me a while to sort through what I have and haven't watched, but if you have any suggestions on what's good, let me know!

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What?! No anime ratings?

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ToastyGrim May 20, 2013

Yaoi is like... my favorite thing in the world. I just adore it so much! Like you, I have so many pairs that it's nearly impossible to think of them all. One of my favorite boyxboy pairings is Yuki and Aru from Mirai Nikki. I love Aru to death, and the show itself is awesome. GermanyxItaly from Hetalia, LuffyxZoro from One Piece, and so many more. For yaoi couples, right now I'm in love with HaruxRen from Super Lovers, even if their relationship is illegal. xD

I love IkkixKazu! I also love IkkixAkito/Agito, too. Ahhh so many pairings! NatsumoxTohru from Shiki, TarouxMakoto from Ghost Hound, and I'll stop myself with my absolute favorite, Otonashi and Naoi from Angel Beats! Naoi is my number one favorite anime character. ♥♥♥

I'll try my hand at writing sometime so that there are some hot and steamy fanfics out there for us to read. A lot of the fanfics I find are pretty lax as far as explicit content. :/ My dirty mind has needs, you know?

ToastyGrim May 19, 2013

You sound completely awesome! Oh man, when it comes to recommending things, there are so many great shows out there. If you like horror/gore, "Another" is one of my favorites. If you haven't seen "Angel Beats!", I think you would enjoy it. I also have a wide range of what I enjoy, so I'll stick with these two for now. c:

What's better (and louder) than one squeaing fangirl? Two squealing fangirls! Do you like yaoi? A lot of my pairings are boyxboy. ^_^; I ship Elfen Lied's Kouta and Lucy, and Fairy Tail's Natsu and Lucy. (I was GrayLu for a while, but I don't know what happened.) How about your ships? :D

I've only RPed once or twice, but I was told I was pretty good for being a newbie.

ToastyGrim May 19, 2013

Hi there! If you ever want to have a discussion of anime, I'm always up for it. I have to warn that I'm the squealing fangirl/hardcore shipper type, but I swear I'm harmless. I just love anime, manga, and people who also love it. c:

LadyPsychic May 18, 2013

Hello!  Welcome to Anime Planet.  Nice to meet you!  Hehehehe.... I'm a slasher too (though I'm not into RP.  I prefer fanfiction over role play).