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That’s where was coming from going to be a little while to get to that don't you think children who can experience both sides as Tommy has as my daughter will be able to will be able to be the people that go in the future and say there's no difference we have to unify the world because yeahbecause there is no difference we all need to live together what his status hearing on you is so effective you had no idea that was different colors now I love it was all down the love okay and like Jennifer said she adopted she put her child up for adoption because she love that child if you find that did that you're pregnant and you want tout your child up for adoption or you're interested in adopting a child we're going to put all this information on our Donny Marie Safer Colon  website donning read our comment all the numbers for a your organization a heart of gold options and other numbers that you can call will return after this commercial break a very special song sung by none other than my sister Marie seen it right after this list the up next on dining and Marie an emotional dedication for Murray to birth mothers everywhere some least leaves the Loom is the next week and that the Emory his Manhattan bachelor with to hit series drew Carey also legendary singer Johnny Mathis and movie star turned after Kevin Bacon performs with his brother Michael for arrived I talked me into doing its I yes you song well I want to see a song that’s very special to me it was that my very good friend of mine Mike McLean and at it I recorded it as a way to thank the women who brought okay that's it be you brought my children into the world and what I did is I sculpted also have you know I design docs a sculptor this star and I put it like this as a way of giving or receiving and I wanted to honor them..

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