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TaigaDee Jul 1, 2016

Are you still watchng anime ?? you should watch the new Hunter x Hunter so gooooood !

naruto1992 May 23, 2015

yo how are you bro ?

remember me?

TaigaDee Jul 5, 2014

Hey (seriously we should quit this habit and reply more early XDD) ya thank you and ya i am done with my internship and now i'm hunting for a job >__<;; which isn't as easy as i thought it would be so far i am torn between 2 offers and will have an interview tomorrow for one of them *finger crossed* wish me luck >__<;; also cos i was in Korea for the past 2 months it kinda made me lazy and really not ready to come back here and look for my future and think serious about it XDD

so how is your summer vacation going so far :3 ? and Ramdhan kareem :P

i am excited that Kuroshitsuji season 3 will air soon =D other than that i am trying to finish what anime/manga I've started like always >.>;; i don't have quite anime that i am watching on a regular base but for manga I go crazy when another chapter of HIRUNAKA NO RYUUSEI is out !! dunno if you like it but ya I enjoy this kind of manga a lot it's not your typical shoujo manga yet it is with the love triangle shit hehe XDD

Hope that I will be hearing from you soon :) it's been awhile ^^;;

TaigaDee May 1, 2014

Seriously it's not easy to catch up with my friends on this site LMAO again long time no chat how is everything :D ? so guess you're close to finish your exams and start your summer vacation huh ? any plans ?? or just watching anime hehe :P ?

TaigaDee Dec 17, 2013

Yo ! Long time no chat man !! I am also guilty for not using AP as much as I used to do :P how r u ?? how is everything ??