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Knowing IS the battle

20 AUG

If theres one thing I've learned it's that it takes a lot to really know a person,I mean they can seem weird or even annoying but if you take the time you might just be surprised. However the real question is are you willing to take that time? Because from there the result can go any combination of ways. So in the end you must choose to either take a big chance with a possibility of great reward or simply go the safe path till another person comes along and worth the time of getting to know them.I myself have rarely found it worth putting oneself out on a limb but when you find those worthwhile people it makes up for all the times it was a wasted endeavor,so to you,the reader of this blog,keep an eye out for the fake friends who will walk with you till you fall and the real friends who will help you up and walk with you to the end.

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