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Pretty Cure! Pretty Good.

22 JAN

Today, I'll be undertaking a 47 episode long, 7 year old series. Futari wa Pretty Cure, or simply Pretty Cure is the original incarnation of my favorite currently running (and about to end) shoujo, HeartCatch Pretty Cure. I love HeartCatch.

Although I've known since HeartCatch started that it was one of a franchise, I never really thought about watching the others. Perhaps because HeartCatch is about to end, or perhaps because I'm up early on a Saturday morning with nothing but cleaning to do, I felt the need to start the series today.

I'm a little daunted by the length - 47 episodes will take at least a week to get through. However, after the first 5 minutes and the OP, I'm hooked.





So, I'm now on episode 16, and I have to say - I love this series. It has a much more mature feel to it than HeartCatch, which I like. However, Mepple and Mipple can be really annoying. Chypret and Coffret, and especially Potpourii, are definitely winning in the cuteness contest. Even Coupe-sama is more endearing than Mepple and Mipple.

That seems to be the main difference between the original Pretty Cure and HeartCatch - the cuteness factor. Yeah, Pretty Cure is cute, definitely - but the fights always seem more serious, and the girls just seem tougher in general. The villians also seem to be more evil, and less ... random. HeartCatch is absolutely adorable and endearing, and has some genuine "cute overload" moments. Both series are great shoujo, just different in their approach.

Another thing I like in Pretty Cure is the romance aspect - something that was really missing from HeartCatch - which is okay, because it wouldn't really fit with the theme of HeartCatch anyway.


A final thought - does anyone else think that Nagisa (Cure Black) looks like she could be the younger sister of Kyoko from Skip Beat? They look EXACTLY the same!






I marathoned this series in one weekend - just finished the last episode. All I can say for now is that I don't regret spending my weekend this way, but...


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