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You know get your strong on dot net get the book on anybody that's a it’s my road to strong as the if you want four minutes and 43 seconds as inspiration that my story in a nutshell it's called my road strong a tatty it's a glimpse at what the book about as well on if everything we just talked about Safer Colon then some it touches on anybody who is looking for some hope and inspiration and some strength as we all meet somewhere in our life you know not God yup ok we all do it and that's why I youknow that's what does that do we're so looking looking or through this partnership that with all your thoughts none of them as it me when you help me you know whether the linking turned inward with me you know you need to water whether it be helping you that you get on that a treadmill well I miss-read what happened you know it would be %uh a thousand with different being work but you know you got hurt me hurtle also the one thing about will like that if you little hope that you will what go to something you don't open just hold you grew up with the is it certainly come nitrate I got to get you to take on my hip hop class is Corey I year's team okay you well where where's your next event okay well irk a good that you um you had outshot get out there but the message out there.

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