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 I want to motivate them to find it right now get started exercised you know enjoy yourself but in you know focus on strength and fitness don't hold in on size your jeans or what the number on the scale says as your only benchmark that will cure you of course and it did for me I want them to really focus Safer Colon on strength fitness you know how fast can you run how high can you jump you know are you healthy are you enjoying yourself you know that that's the focus for me and I any those kids out there tonight that alit and I'll tell 'me I get to teach class every Tuesday night at the fishers why I keep hip-hop dance and we r having the best time that's great at this great also experts from for me the and J folks from the ad always the we commend you I'm so probably I'm so proud to call you up for him some time looking forward to the future fun way where hey we can all partner because your story me you know again about that you at least partly order now okay I with their the talk but phone old up almost up being sold touch because like well I could not imagine one from hundred-pound really pound who you know back to being helped me a bit and air but only heard you got.

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