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I'm Harley, 20, and I love Manga and Anime (obviously).

Currently studying photography.

I like to learn new things, meet new people, see new things and try new things. 

I'm from the UK.

I wish to some day travel the world.

Been watching bits of anime most of my life, there was occasionally a series or two shown on tv when I was younger every now and then. However, I became a lot more serious with watching it and started watching it all most of the time since around July/August 2012.

I prefer subbed to dubbed. Tends to have a bit less LESS UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP! I think it sounds better in Japanese, mainly cause I like the sound of the language better than English :3 Also, I find some of the accents in the dubs to be a bit annoying at times, and often the voices don't fit the roles, like a voice that sounds like a 30 year old for a 14 year old character.

On top of this, I see anime as a form of art. The creators of the show have worked on creating what we see in the show. And I believe art should be enjoyed in the form it was created to be, not altered before viewing it. Dubbing a show is like going up to the Mona Lisa and drawing a big smile on the face, claiming it "looks better" this way and thus forcing people to only be able to see it how you yourself has changed it, not how the creator made it appear.

I hate censorship.

Besides anime...

I don't watch much else at the moment, but I am a big sci-fi fan, especially of Stargate.

The music I listen to is almost entirely Heavy Metal. I've been a metalhead my whole life, and will continue to be one. However, recently I've been listening to a lot of songs from various anime that I've watched, and I've started to listen to some vocaloid songs too.

I like playing video games. At the moment I'm playing a lot of RPGs, and most of them are JRPGs.

I love playing visual novels. I enjoy being taken away by them, feeling like I'm the one that's in the story.

I have a big interest in Japan. I'm fascinated with Japanese history, culture, language, as well as the many wierd and wonderful things you can find in Japan, like anime and manga, food, films, music, gadgets, etc

I also have a similar interest in other contries too, which is a big reason for my wanting to travel the world. There's just so many countries out there with different aspects about them that interest me, so many things to see, to learn, to do, and I wish to experience as much of it as I can.

Avatar:  Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD, 'cause I like the character and it's a nice picture (I think so anyway).

Sig:  Kyouko Toshinou and Ayano Sugiura from Yuru Yuri, because they're two of my favourite characters from the show, and my favourite pairing from the show.

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Kari5 Sep 30, 2013

Good day!

My name is Kari, and I run The Anime-Planet Contributors Organization (TACO for short) on the forums. I'm contacting everyone who has had interest in joining us in the past; as a reminder we are still active and we're still working hard for our goal of contributing as much as we can to this site! If you'd like to help out Anime Planet by contributing in a variety of ways (including recommendations, donations, reviews, and more), and get rewards for doing so, please drop by our sub-forum and join us!

Lets work together to make our site even more awesome!

EHero09 Jul 17, 2013

Season two is already so much better than season one.

And I really REALLY hope they eventually animate volume 10 of the light novels. Some of the best moments are in that volume, both awesome and heartwarming.

EHero09 Jul 9, 2013

Hey, bro. You seen Highschool DxD NEW's pilot yet?

EHero09 Mar 20, 2013

You rated Highschool DxD a 5...

And also have the same ratings for Accel World and SAO...

I think you and I will get along well. :|