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Anime had never been something high on my priority list until summer 2012. I remember the anime I watched that mae me interested. Before I thought it was all the same. But this anime (though not highly recommended or taken seriously by others) made me see that it was all different. There are hundreds of other worlds with other rules that I could learn.

From that moment, I went on to watch my #4: Kaze No Stigma and gave a suggestion to a friend to watch it. They, in return gave me my #1: Code Geass. This was my 3rd anime watched and, while not having a favorites list created when I started watching it, led me to #3 Lelouch.

From there, he was always my anime guy, and I've followed what he's said a lot of the time. I even joined anime club when school started up again, and there stood many members offering "ehh" animes, and few with GOOD taste that led me to my #2/3: Fairy Tail. With my hiatus on watching that (stopped 2013 New Year) I decided to get a new anime. I turned to my friends and offered animes from my belt for one from theirs. Favorite characters, coming in at #4 and #5 were drawn from this experience as Natsu and Freed.

My best friend offered me what is now my #7 anime, but he broke our deal. It was 50 episodes of Code Geass for 51 episodes of FMA. He did not watch Code Geass (still hasn't), so I went on to Tony who gave me my other #2/3: One Piece. An anime I had felt like watching for quite a while, I was eventually thrown over the edge of watching it when my friend said a spoiler and said "Not like you're ever going to watch it, it's 580 episodes long!" That angered me and I finished 100 episodes in less than 2 weeks, finding a favorite character in Zoro... After that, I did fulfill my part of the deal with my best friend by finishing FMA, and he has yet to finish Code Geass.

Months later, I decided to do a little kaze No Stigma watching and searched Kazuma, (previously top 5, but residing at #6) on youtube, just to see if there were any good AMVs for a relatively unknown anime. What I found was "Kazuma the Shell Bullet." I clicked and found what has replaced FMA for #6: s-CRY-ed.

There were many more suggestions for me, none of which included Naruto (my #5). In fact, my friend Tony asked if I would watch it and I responded that I wouldn't. We took a long walk and he was telling me about this really awesome guy "Rock Lee" who is "a lot of people's favorite character." He showed me the entire Gaara vs Lee sequence and I decided that it wasn't really my type of anime. Unfortunately, I decided that I should watch it. There are big animes that cannot be ignored, Naruto being one of them. It also allowed me to claim one of the "Big 5 SJ" under my belt. It has since claimed number 5 on my list and #1/2 on my character list. Not better than Zoro, but no worse either, I found Gaara, a character I've come to love despite having been evil when first on-screen. (I didn't even know about the parts after he was evil when I first started liking him as a character).

Not going to go any further, only going to update if my top five change. Besides this, I am a sub-man. Even if voices are cooler or if the story is better, I think the sub is the only way to go...

When it comes to anime, I may not be the most knowledgeable person I know, but I am the most serious and committed person I know.

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Sianeka Jun 27, 2014

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This blog page is going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

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NatsuIgneel95 Jul 3, 2013

Ok...anyway you can ask me anything also what your fav Action anime?

NatsuIgneel95 Jul 2, 2013

Welcome to A-P...Hope you enjoy here...feel free to ask me anyhing(anime especially) :)