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30 NOV

DUDE THAT'S AWESOME! (Naruto Abridged reference sorry) But, I have no idea how I'll supply that much.

Ok today I'm talking about Toradora! Simply put friggin' awesome. Now you get to hear me rant about it. It's almost like you were there too. Not really I've never been good at imagery. I'm better at similes and metaphors.

The characters are as follows first is Takasu Ryuji or Taiga Aisaka depending on which side of the ocean you live on or one of the subtitled versions who couldn't understand basic pronunciation as Tasuhiro. Yeah I have no idea how they got that but I digress. Tasuko is an average teen who goes into his junior year of school. However he has incredibly intimidating eyes that has everyone thinking he is a delinquent. While in actuality he is incredibly kind and loves doing household chores. He has huge crush on Minorin. Next is the second main Character Aisaka Taiga She is the typical Tsundere character prone to violent outbursts and with her small stature has earned the nickname The Palm-top Tiger. However whenever she's near her crush, Kitamura, or is even slightly touched she'll melt sorta like a fangirl who happened to brush against a Jonas Brother or the dude from twilight. (I HATE TWILIGHT! along with the Jonas Bros. but more twilight) Now it's the love of Takasu's life Minorin! She's the upbeat girl who loves working hard and somehow manages multiple jobs with club activities. I don't even know if this girl really even sleeps. She's kind light-hearted and willing to help others but at times a more melancholy side is seen. 4th is Kitamura Takasu's best friend and Taiga's crush. I can't really say much about him. He's really cool and stuff but real simple guy. He's a bit thick-headed, is the student council's vice president and loves mean girls. Real simple but he's pretty cool. Doesn't look good on paper but works on video. 5th is Kawashima Ami she's basically the, pardon my french, "bitchy" character. (gasp I said a naughty word!) She adorns a cute air-head stereotype when she talks to people but when her true nature slips up to Takasu and his friends we see more of her straightforward side. She can speak cruelly and with a sharp tongue but is honest about what she is thinking and eventually gets to be a good terms with everyone. Also kinda acting as Takasu's main source of advice.

The plot is simple enough. Takasu starts his first day of his junior year hoping to get with Minorin. Before even making it to class he meets (more like bumps into) Taiga who subsequently knocks him out. Following a series of misunderstandings and an attempted murder/assault later. She reveals her liking of Kitamura and forces Takasu to help. They help each other out and eventually a huge love (I don't some sort of polygon) begins.

Now what I really like about this is how everything unfolds and the gradual changes. Not really twists and turns but it'll slowly get you emotionally involved. To the point in the end which I nearly cried. That's saying something for me since I haven't really watched anything that nearly made cry. The most I've had was choked up. The comedy is pretty good and will make you laugh pretty well. From slapstick to the need of making breastcups for a swimsuit it's got it all. It is a great romantic comedy for anyone interested. I'm looking forward to the English release and all hell will break loose if they mess it up.

It's very simple as you can see since my summary is shorter than my previous ones but it's something that has to be seen and experienced than read. It's awesome with a smooth believable plot, good comedy, and the last episodes could make you cry. It's a great romantic comedy that anyone who is interested in the genre must see. And I mean now. Why are you still reading this? GO!

If'n you be still reading this. I'll be posting again next week around the same time however this one is kinda late. Next time I'll be talking either about Welcome to the NHK or abridged series as a whole. Haven't decided yet. If anyone out there has any recommendations for me to watch and talk about I'll gladly put those at top priority. Even if I have to torture myself to sit through them. Thanks for reading The Otaku Corner and please come again!

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