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  • The completely unimportant and unfollowed Otaku Corner!

The completely unimportant and unfollowed Otaku Corner!

16 NOV

This is what I call the Otaku Corner. I basically will discuss what I've seen anime-wise, read manga-wise, and maybe even played video game-wise. You'll probably hear more about anime because well not much floating on the internet and since I'm not a big reader I'm most likely not going to buy it because, i need mah monahz 4 video gamez!!!1!11! lolz Eww now I feel all grody talking like that but let's get moving

For my first entry I'm going to talk about Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I've started watching it this weekend and gone though two out of three seasons already. I'll also get to the OVA as well but I only need three words to describe how I feel about it. I LOVE IT! This series has a great sense of humor. A lot of it is black humor and some more of it is just plain random but this is just plain great. The animation and cinematography is awesome. How they use the different angles and colors is simply breath-taking. The concept of each of the characters is great. Each has their own personality quirk which is basically brought to extremes. Among them is the incredibly pessimistic, suicidal teacher. Zetsubou-sensei himself. Now if you've already watched the anime you very well his Nozomu Itoshiki whose name written horizontally in Japanese (not sure which form sorry) reads as "Despair" which is perfectly fitting for his character. Actually each of the character's names are plays on what their personalities are. The only two people whose names aren't really plays on words are Chie and Kafuka which refer to real people. But Kafuka is her pen-name and that too can be disputed.

As for what the show is like it's like... Well two things come in mind. A mature Pani Poni Dash with the bunny as the teacher or if Johnny the (sui)cidal maniac was a high school teacher. Now a lot of the humor is driven by Nozomu who takes everything to the extreme negative such as instead of writing the top 3 hopes of the future he asks the students to write the top 3 despairs. A lot of times these lessons inside and outside of class will leave him incredibly depressed causing him to make dramatic glances and yell "I'm in despair!" Now after this the segment of the episode (excluding the character episodes) is about his teaching and he or a lot of the times the students will try make them try to understand it. Now another portion of the humor and quite a bit of Nozomu's identity is (attempted suicide.) Now reading this people would probably say, "suicide is not funny. go away, guy who thinks suicide is funny." But hear me out. They somehow make it funny something with such a heavy meaning brought to a digestable laughing level (now with bacon!) Trust me.

Now I understand that this show is not for everyone but I urge you to give it a try. Watch one episode and go from there. But, if black humor, parodies, and incredible randomness is what you like I can guarantee that you'll like it. If not I'll do my best to try and refund your time.

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Kari5 avatar Kari5
Nov 16, 2009

You should totally write a user review for that show! You seem to enjoy writing about it. Just go to Zetsubou's anime page, click on the reviews tab, and click add user review.

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