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Philosophy, it's something we all have yet not many have the gift of using it to its fullest potential. It can unite countries and destroy cities. It can give a man reason to live and reason to die. Our realities can be turned upside down chewed up and spit out and we may even accept it. How amazing a few words or a string of questions combined with logical reasoning and irrational thinking are.

No I'm not a philosophy major or the like I just like things that get me thinking. I'm just a apathetic, lethargic, procrastinating outcast. My life is boring and I'd rather not get into it. I'm just a guy who likes anime along with foreign culture (not just japanese) food (specifically foreign food and mainly italian yum!) and music. I also write songs and poems. However I structure them as a combination of the two so basically it can be sung or be in spoken word. I kinda like it and I kinda don't especially if it leans to far into the poetry side without trying to but I also don't it if it's too far into the music side and loses meaning. I'm kinda perfectionist like that. Strange for someone I just described at the start of this paragraph huh? Well I'm still lazy I don't like revising anything because well I get to thinking it's good enough. I know that sounds contradictory well that's how I like it. I love contradiction (well as an aesthetic anyway) because it brings out both parts. Wanna hear something even crazier? I contradict my love of contradiction I love subtleties. Well I kinda mislead you there. I like subtleties because they can change everything resulting in wait for it... contradiction. I live my life like this (again I kinda mislead you there I'm getting to my life) You may be asking "how can you live a life full of contradiction wouldn't you just be a hypocrit?" Well it's incredibly hard to explain but it's easier than you might think and what I would never change or contradict would be my beliefs (no not religion I'm no fanatic however I am buddhist. Again strange for the guy described above huh?) therefore I cannot be a hypocrit. But, my personality is very subject to change. No I don't have split personalities but that would be fun. But depending on the person I talk to my personality will change. Whoever is reading this I do not know and most likely will never know so I've obviously adorned a straight-forward persona. For instance if I really like someone or can relate well I will adopt a miscievious and playful side who is very outgoing. Well I may crack some jokes once in a while with someone else but if they do not match this criteria I would become much more quiet and reclusive. Unfortunately where I live I experience the latter more often. Also if it's someone I don't really like I will play mind-games with them. Twisted ones but not really harmful I mainly use it as a deterrent and trying to change how someone will act. To fall into someone I don't like it would have to be someone who is really annoying and can't really understand the word "stop". Don't get me wrong I don't get bullied or anything but these people exist and a kinder approach has fallen on deaf ears. I really am a nice guy (trying to follow buddhism as best as I can) but no one is perfect. Which brings me to a new subject, imperfection. I love it. Why? Because it is in everything and cannot be changed. We will always be imperfect and that is what makes us different, unique, and what truly holds us together. (quick side note: if everyone's different aren't we all the same?) I can't really put into words how imperfection is so grand but it's beautiful.Oh and another thing I like random facts. Just things that have no bearing in the situation or the little need to ever know in my life. Well that's kinda funny thinking back. Random fact: I like random facts! I'm such a strange guy.

Wow what a mouthful. Sorry for all that but I blabbed a lot didn't I? Well if you managed to read all that congratulations I have now completely confused you and possibly scarred you for life. If read this and want to know more trust me you don't want to. My head is scarier than a hippie's acid trip (note: I don't use drugs) That's all there really is that defines me. Now shoo it's nappy time!

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