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KatDJZ says...

Happy Birthday! ^_^

Mar 27, 2009
poopyking24 says...

i love the Onegai serious it one ofmy favorite animes

Dec 25, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

Hey!  I saw that you used to post in the forums, did you know with the new customized siganture feature that you can link you profile and it would be a lot easier for people to get to know you better!

Nov 10, 2007
tetra says...

Oh, have not seen you in a loooong time! Did not see you user-page *doh* But you have not been here either. Has real life taken over the anime?

Hope you will see this, and come back to see what Sothis has made of the site the last six month, it has really relly changed alot! 

Oct 31, 2007
VivisQueen says...

Some nice recommendations. But when I wanted to check out the member - NOTHING. At least an avatar and a Top 5, man. And make your custom sig so you can join us in the forums all dolled up! ^_^ Seriously, keep writing recs.

Sep 28, 2007