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DeDaan Dec 25, 2010

Fijne feestdagen, maak er iets moois van ;)

TheMajor5 Dec 21, 2010

ahhhhhhh i understand.  Well that seems like a terrible ordeal.  I would never beable to wait for the anime to get to where the manga is now.  It will take like another 4 months till then T_T  The anime has the end of the war arc and then the past arc.


TheMajor5 Dec 14, 2010

hmm i understand. No no, was just curious if you still watched anime since you always ask me for manga recs.  Though as of late i have yet to see a super great anime, like i said, i have been dragging in the anime race.

Waiting for OP to catch up in the manga?  Impossible!  It will never happen because as of now, each chapter of OP equals one ep of anime.  Plus being so far behind like the anime is, is a good thing.  It means there will not be a filler for long time.

That all being said, get reading SUPER soldier!

TheMajor5 Dec 9, 2010

super, i looks and i have never read a manga where the main guy seems strong as hell but really isnt.  Though what you are asking for is like that one ugly-face delinquent manga, in which case i don't have any like that.  Half of the manga i read are where the guy starts out strong and gains strength as time goes on or finds a master or something in that area.

Also, you still watch anime or have you just kinda transitioned over to manga now?

TheMajor5 Dec 7, 2010

super, T_T you need updte your shit so i know what you have read.  A guy who is strong throughout the manga?  hmm..  Half of all manga is about a guy who starts of weak and ends up power hungry lol.  You reading One Piece? LOL

Gah how can you still play games?  If i cant find shit to do well i usually end up finding something to do.  There been a few manga that have grabbed my attention.  Though all of a sudden i stopped reading and watching anime.  Like a sudden drop.  It is wierd.  Read Dorohedoro (or something like that)  That is pretty wicked manga.