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TheMajor5 Feb 7, 2011

First official customer waiting for my masterpieces, woot!  When i get the tools, tell me the style, size, color, and ill add the price and tell ya.

As for kid gang, no have not read it.  I'm one those people who judges manga to read based on the cover art.  When that satisfies my liking, i read the synopsis.  KG looked terrible LOL.  Plus i have about 150 manga that have been piling up in my wish list.

TheMajor5 Feb 5, 2011

Won't go to an active chat anymore.  Am trying to get out of chat, i dislike having to stick around and wait for replies.  I like this message system because we don't run out of things to say and i don't want to have to keep talking all night.  This way, i can message at my convienence and simply don't mind the wait for the reply.

Life?  Life is life man.  Have fun studing, that field sounds terrible. LOL.  Though the field has some appeal since it is international trade and you most likey get to travel.  Atleast ya know what ya want to do.

As for me, I have plenty of new knowledge but have not aquired it yet.  I Will go one more quarter to college them i'm done.  Can't stand college and it has no value to me.  Studing books it's about as useless as buying a buying a movie you hate.  I have, of this year, a lil but but whatever, thought about it pretty hard.  I do not know how i'm going to pursue this area but i'm going to go into Carpentry.  Either finish Carpentry which is called a joiner, or Cabinet Making.  There similar in a sense they deal with furniture.

TheMajor5 Feb 4, 2011

dude, i know i mentioned it to him, maybe not recently but i did long fucking ago when i saw him on there half a year ago.  Well don't matter though.  From the old days, me and you are only ones here.  Personally i don't know why im here as much as i am when all you do is keep track of anime/manga on this site LOL. Still, it keeps me around.

Bleachfromanime6org Feb 4, 2011

Hehe thx bro :)

hehe why did u write the comment to me on majors wall hehehe :D

I dont quite remember but maybe it was you hehe :D

Bleachfromanime6org Feb 1, 2011

Yo Brow... im an old user of Anime6.org my name was bleach on the site, I was friends with Major, TheMadCat and Rasengan..

do you know where they are