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TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

the dead kid, do you mean the main character?  I think he died yeah now i remember.  Shit im not sure about this but i dont think i got far enough in the manga to see him appear, shit i have a possible explanation from my memory about him but i dont want to spoil anything or just take a random guess.  Whne you do find out about him, tell me becaus ehe made the manga what it was in the prequel.  If he is the same i might pick it back up but i doubt it, i was just to pissed off to continue it again.

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

Ah ok ok, i really don..........i might try it later and see how it goes.  If its the same then alll the more willing to try it.  153 chapters?  damn you read fast takes me all day to read somewhere near 100 chapters.  nah maybe like 5-6 hours, depends on the amount of text. 

Don't remember the dead guy in the prequel, i just remmeber the bad taste the sequel left in my mind after reading it.  If i remember, there was a woman in the prequel who was awesome, then in the sequel she is tied up and bound to a wall and gaged and blinded and just WTF PISSN' ME OFF.  just dont mention that manga anymore.  I seriously hated it.  The amount of anger after seing how EVERYTHING changed, i mean why the fuck did that kid turn evil?  Who the fuck is the new little kid. 

On a + note, you readnew FT?  Pretty aweosme if you ask me.  Gildartz is simply awesome. 

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

Gantz boring?  O NO YOU DI'NT?  LOL  ahh well whateber floats your boat.  I can't fathom gantz ever being boring as much action and shit it has in it. 

Nobless, i looked into it, seems alright.  Though i have a couple manga i plan to get to before i turn my nose to this manga again.  As of now, i've been into Seinen manga.  Somehting about the seriousness draws me to it.  But if it's like veritas and The Breaker i may consider it further LOL.  If that is what you were comparing to veritas?  Noblesse like veritas?

Err i said the sequel sucks dude.  The sequel is called something else entirely.  The prequel, Immortal regis, kicked ass.  I loved it, read it in a day then got to the sequel and was pissed it was nothing like the first one.  Like to get a good compare on how bad it was,(hypothetical situation) i mind as well say the author was changed and the new author had a completly different idea for the 2nd part.  I stopped reading after chapter 7 or so.  It was terrible.  the sequel is called Cavalier of the Abyss.  You may like it but i thought it terrible.

TheMajor5 Oct 22, 2010

Alright first off, Gants anime i heard blows, but WTF dude.  If i rec a manga i know wtf im talking about.  The manga is so fucking gory/badass just fucking epic as hell.  What did you not like about the anime?  Did you not like the overal plot to it?  Because from reading gants i must say this story just gets better and better. 

Never read nobless, though ive heard of it.  Immortal regis, is that the sequel or prequel?  Because the sequel is garbage.  It does such a terrible job at picking up where the last one left off, literally nothing is the same.  Ok yeah immortal regis is the first on, the second part to that manga is just fucking stupid and it pissed me off when i read it. 

Witch hunter is pretty good.  Has a great unique plot to it.  Havnt read it since it went on on haitus and the new chaps came out.  been meaning to catch up on it.

Trace, err i never read it because of the format.  Like it's not in manga format.  One page consist of 1/4 the chapter basically. Like, though it has the same amount of content, one page of Trace goes half a mile/kilometer down the fucking page.  Its terrible, read and see for yourself.  After i saw the format i immediatly lost interest. 

TheMajor5 Oct 20, 2010

ive read/reading king of hell atm.  Its pretty funny but i stopped wen the manga took a long haitus, in which i have yet to resume my left position. 

OP = One Piece

Onani master kurosawa looks fucking hilarious.  Indeed ill add this.  Just the description is funny, i hope its as funny as it says.

Naruto is alright, i give you that.  I started to dislike it when madara reveald he had a jollian clones stored up.  So now it seems hes unbeatable but somehow naruto will overcome the impossible and win.  Its getting a bit ridiculus now.  Bleach just gets on my nerves.

Dragonball Z is classic

Also you read gants, i beleive its way fucking better than shamo.  Its highly addictive and gory and nudity and just full of awesomeness i cant describe.  Only thing that really pisses me off is that the main characters die, so we dont really get much character depth to anyone character, except one guy.  I read 107 pages in one day, so i can say this manga is incredibly good.