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TheMajor5 Nov 22, 2010

Hmm i read like 4-6 chaps of that Dentsu manga and i can't seem to get into it.  I tried getting past the art and seemed to not mind it but the comedy, and the main character is just annoying.  I really can't stand oblivious main guys like that therefore i probably wont read any further into it.

As a result i went into manga hunt mode and found like 15 other good manga out there.


Red Erehwon (it's about fucking gods and tribes, so awesome)

Dreamland is pretty good

Kisswood (so cool, love this webcomic)

Oh and almost forgot

The World of Lost Memories

They are not about deliquints or anything but i think these are peak of imaginative manga.  Unique and freaking awesome.  Great plots.

TheMajor5 Nov 21, 2010

did i tell you bout sun-ken or did yu find it on your own?  I knew i just told someone recently about it.  As for more deliquint manga, errrr i can't think of any atm.  GTO, Beelzebub, Sun-Ken(not really deliquints, more of a gang type manga), kamen Teacher

Nope that is al the once i can think of but i know a way to help.


go there, i sorted it by the category delinquints which is then sorted by rating, that should help.

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

kamen teacher the same as GTO?  Kamen teacher is all about delequeints and a teacher who goes around to these terrible schools to shapen the kids up.  He runs a program to straighten them up from their bad ways.  It is not funny like GTO but idk how else to compare the 2.  I did not get the same feeling because Kamen Teacher is short and no charatcer depth.  ONly one badass dude in a badass helemt with a badass mother fuckign attitude.

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

hmm, first of i wont rsad nobless now since im reading Gantz and need read shamo and plan on read wolf guy and eden and catching up on 50 other series i have forgot to catch up on.  Ill fit it in there somehow.

Hmm its rather tough to answer that question becaus ei hardly remember either series, but from my reaction to new chaps on WH i would say WH because its just awesome.  There is supernatural story and it is, so i hear, like dgray man.  These witch hunters are, as the title implies, hunt witch.  each witch has a super special power that rivals like 4 witch hunters.  Each hunter goes out in 4s so it takes em all to beat the witch.  Each hunter has an awesome power and there are ranks in the hunters, like s-class and a or b or c.  now that i remember it more, Witch Hunter is the way to go, such a cool manga with lots of action and cool story with badass powers.  Can't go wrong with it.

TheMajor5 Oct 23, 2010

oh yeah i got further than that.  I think around the time they had the big fight.  Thats right, my guess would of been he was the evil king.  Well there is good reason im pisse,d its because that woman was trying to do it for good reason. She did not mean to fucking get the bother kidnapped.  The main kid in Regis is now evil.  Yeah thanks for reminding me why im so pissed off at that manga.  Why the fuck would he be evil now?  His brother died/gone for now and he goes all evil and chains up the woman to eternal damnation?  Complete plot change. They jumped like 10 years in time and explained nothing. IDK i dont remember enough to argue about it.  I may have missed somehting but to me, its bs.