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I've never quite been able to give up anime because it's a great way to keep the child in me alive. The child in me happens to be Sakura Kinomoto; the adult in me is turning day by day into Eva Heinemann. So you see the need.

My anime time includes writing reviews for Anime UK News and co-presenting what is arguably the UK's best anime podcast, Nakama Britannica. The latest episode is a review of FLAG, Ryousuke Takahashi's strange and unique war series. As for my tastes, I can forgive most flaws if a show offers well-crafted characters, and I sometimes watch shows just because nobody else has. Lastly, if you're looking for something fun to do, why not join in the awesome forum club, Find Your Anime Buddy! Go on… you know you want to.

*My rating scale: 1-3 (Poor); 4-6 (Average); 7-8 (Good); 9-10 (Masterpiece)

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SoylentGreen says...

Guten Tag.

Ich mag Ihre Reviews, sie sind sehr angenehm zu lesen und in sich stimmig. Eine gute Orientierung fuer mich, sobald ich Zeit habe, mich an einen neuen Anime zu heranzuwagen - zumal unser Geschmack sich teilweise sehr aehnelt.

Ein kleiner Manga-Tipp: Hoshi no Samidare

Lassen Sie sich ueberraschen und entschuldigung fuer mein Deutsch, ich uebe noch mich ordentlich auszudruecken :)

Danke und Gruss


Oct 10, 2012
Spaceface says...

Hey there Vivisqueen, It has been awhile since my last message so I figured it was time to update you on the latest.

I can see from your recent activity that you are more busy replying to comments then watching anime these days. I took your latest advice to heart and watched infinite ryvius, tutu and (re) started watching paranoia agent just now. I guess I will get to Perfect blue and Tokyo Grandfathers eventually aswell, although I never have been as quick to watch movies when compared to series.

Ryvius was an instant hit with me really, what cought me most of all was how much attention there was to the moral of the people on the ship and how seemingly fair choices could turn out to have very bad side effects.

Tutu, well I will be honest with you and say It took alot of me to look past the initial impression and it took quite awhile for me to get hooked on it. Luckily Neko Sensee pulled me through the first parts with his comic relief and after losing alot of chesthair I finally got to like and maybe even love the show. There is alot I could say about it but I see this post is already turning out to be quite long.

I know you mentioned this season was crap and in all honesty you are right. But there are still alot of things out there worth watching. Space brothers, while not as exciting as I hoped it would be is still entertaining. I also think you should try Sword Art Online which has taken me by surprise despite its silly first impression.

You also still havn't touched Skip Beat or watched the Berserk Movie not to mention there is still 253 episodes of Gintama you need to watch. Once again looking forward to reading what you think I should go for next!

Oct 9, 2012
blazehack says...

Nice review on Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Y) anyway your dropped list kinda supreise me, almost all of them have no plot or genre similarity ^^ are you a tragedy fan !?! 0_o

Oct 7, 2012
ninjarealist says...

Wow! Your review of Gudam Wing was so good that I had to get an account just to tell you that. Really good work. 

Oct 4, 2012
Funkgun says...

haha, awesome review. I did not know if you ultimately liked or disliked Fujiko... I am taking it, you did. =) fun to read. 

Sep 13, 2012