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I've never quite been able to give up anime because it's a great way to keep the child in me alive. The child in me happens to be Sakura Kinomoto; the adult in me is turning day by day into Eva Heinemann. So you see the need.

My anime time includes writing reviews for Anime UK News and co-presenting what is arguably the UK's best anime podcast (I'm not biased or anything...) Nakama Britannica. The latest episode is a discussion of Garden of Words, Makoto Shinkai's latest work! As for my tastes, I can forgive most flaws if a show offers well-crafted characters, and I sometimes watch shows just because nobody else has. Lastly, if you're looking for something fun to do, why not join in the awesome forum club, Find Your Anime Buddy! Go on… you know you want to.

*My rating scale: 1-3 (Poor); 4-6 (Average); 7-8 (Good); 9-10 (Masterpiece)

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Osiummaster avatar Osiummaster


Aug 4, 2012

Wow that's some hard dislike on clannad, Its the number 2 best anime i've ever seen after death note, and almost everything about it was gorgeous. even for animes that I think were mehh i give 2 stars if the animation and sound were epic, clannad had (aside from the imo awesome storyline)  awesome sound and animations.

Why do you have so many reviews of unknown anime, yet you just downvote one of the most popular without giving a review at all?

It seems like you are just hating on mainstream anime like sothis on death note so I guess your reviews aren't to be taken very seriously.

Milistaier avatar Milistaier


Jul 31, 2012

YOOOOO What is the anime in your avatar on the forum?

Spaceface avatar Spaceface


Jul 19, 2012

I see you didn't like Clanned huh :P. Have to say I hit myself in the face a few times while watching that show. Then dropped it at episode 3, looks like I didn't miss out on anything :P. Still though.....have to wonder why you even finished it haha.

Btw, any idea where to head after hitting GITS second gig and the movie? I'm purposefully stalling instead of finishing it because after somethng that awesome I know I'll be disappointed for the next 6 months with anything I'dd try watching. Already checked I.G's website in Japanese to figure out if they are gonna make a third gig. There is a chance it might show up in 2013, but seeing they are having trouble making ends meet I doubt they'll risk going for such an expensive project.

And whats worse....

That fall lineup has me beeing increasinly depressed about the future of anime. 90% of it falls under the following

1. Sparkly Echi lolli stuff

2. Badly animated shonen action/fantasy

3. Me and my 3/4 friends Slice of life

There is one ray of light which cought my eye though. Movie called "Asura" comming out late september. Artstyle looks rather unique aswell.

nguy522 avatar nguy522

Great Signature!

Jun 28, 2012

Hello! maybe we can be friends? love that you're still watching anime,...i wonder if i will still be watching anime in the next decade or so -most likely yes- anyways i like your sig and more importantly im looking forward to reading your reviews :D

valondar avatar valondar


Jun 23, 2012

This is a little late (a month late, actually, I really should check my page more often than never) but Uchuu Kyoudai is a bit of an uneven series. The best part of it is the basic optimism it has regarding space travel, and - for me anyway - the weakness are the actual characters, chiefly the two brothers. It wants to be an underdog story about how this guy who's just hit his thirties and has been fired from his job is able to revive his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut... but that guy is just too obnoxious too often for me to really root for him.

It's been improving in the last few weeks, though, as the actual mind-games involved in the selection progress have become more specific. The series is at its best when it's putting people through the applciation process - when it wanders away it can feel like filler.

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