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Ride Back

Action is the spice of life. This fact seems to have passed Ride Back by; instead it reworks the mecha genre – get this – with less epic awesomeness and a lot more teenage moping!!!1! This is indeed deceptive stuff that begins riproaringly well in the first episode with outstanding stunts that only the likes of MADHOUSE could deliver. Only to deteriorate rapidly into a plodding account of the main character Rin being very, very sad. Why is she sad? Because she misses her robot, which has gone off somewhere.

Hell, many (excluding me) took issue with Shinji Ikari's (Neon Genesis Evangelion) intensely tortured journey through deep-seated insecurities caused by the lack of parental love in his life. What would those same critics make of Rin's endless weeping over the loss of her oversized toy?

But yes, returning to the lack of epic awesomeness, here are the words I uttered in the forum upon seeing the first episode: "FUUUUUCK did you see that animation?... If the next three eps continue to blow me away the way this one did, I'll definitely follow the rest as it airs."

Ride Back looks like someone took a million dollars, used up half on the first episode, then flushed the rest down the toilet. This is the kind of grossly elaborate monstrosity that never grows any teeth. The first episode is a series of stunts crammed together to form the biggest stunt of all - making you think the rest of the show will be just like that! Once the plot gets going in episode two the animation reverts to something very decent but hardly mindblowing.

Too much promise, no delivery. Overall, a disappointing experience.

4/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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ale202 says...

I totally agree with you just dissapointing plot uninteresting characters and awful opening and ending which is important for me because it is the first thing you see. I finished it just because I have dropped too many series recently and its quite short.

Jan 10, 2011