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Denno Coil

The problem with Denno Coil is that a handful of its episodes are great while the rest are dull as dishwater. Generally, I started an episode filled with dread about which it would be. Would it crawl through the meaningless misadventures of a side character in its blended world of virtual and objective reality, or would it deliver a brilliantly unnerving cyber battle full of disturbing imagery and heartrending loss?

Its world is an admirably rich one full of eccentric detail and inventive plays on today’s world (look how they hold their hands to their ears like telephones as they communicate). But the show only ends up immersing itself in its quirkiness while leaving the viewer far behind. All the computer jargon feels appropriate but ultimately also hollow when I struggle to relate it to anything or understand why it matters - by the middle, I was pushing myself hard to complete the series and felt mainly relief when it was over. Denno Coil is thus all wonderful concept but uneven development and will mainly appeal to fans primarily in need of an immersive feeling rather than a thrilling plot.

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5/10 overall
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Skydog says...

You're a bad person and you should feel bad D:Well... That's what I wanted to write, but you kinda have a little, tiny point there that I can't really argue with. 5 out of 10 though? That's just mean. If this show "left you far behind", you shouldn't really write a review... Not that this is a proper review, anyways.

Aug 24, 2012