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AirCommodore says...

Yeah, I disappeared for a bit. Now I get to play catch up, but I don't seem to have missed anything other than Psycho-Pass and FtNW.

Basically I blame my watching GoT on the lack of interesting anime lately. Well, that and because these eyebrows are on one of the main characters' faces: (SWOON). I've only read the first 2, but I'm preeeeetty sure Martin said there will only be seven- though the man is taking his sweet time writing them, so I guess it's possible he'll up and die before then. Personally I'd find that hilarious- fanboy rage is the best, and I've never been bothered much by perma-cliffhangers.

May 19, 2013
AirCommodore says...

Viv! Are you wathing Game of Thrones? (you should be)

May 13, 2013
DavidSeth says...

Holy crap! Its been well over a year! I almost forgot about this site. I just really got distracted I guess. Mostly by other shows (Game of Thrones, Archer, Community, Parks and Rec, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Futurama, etc).

Really the only reason I got back into the anime was learning that Crunchyroll was available on XBox Live. Started watching Attack on Titan and Flowers of Evil. And I don't care what people say about Flowers, it (so far) is really great. So much personality. The rotoscope animation, the minimilistic soundtrack. Love it.

I see you gave me recomendations in one of your last comments to me, and of them AnoHana was the only one I watched. What a nice, sweet show it was. I will try to catch up. How are you doing?

Apr 19, 2013
SoylentGreen says...

Wanna see something really awesome?

Since your also quite fond of Pluto, you'll definitely enjoy this great fandub:

Brau's even more freaky than he usually is oO

Have a nice weekend

Apr 19, 2013
Spaceface says...

Glad to see you are enjoying it :). I really love the show but at the same time I feel it could have been so much more. That and 22 episodes is too short to bring out its full potential. My feelings about ending are mixed so I'm really wondering what you'll think of the last episode.

Apr 11, 2013