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LoliTsundere says...

Unfortunately, as a huge Berserk fan, I couldn't enjoy these movies at all. They were just too unfaithful to the source. I was hoping that a gloriously animated eclipse would save the triology but I was utterly dissapointed by the completer lack of excitement, anger and arousal. While I also hope they animate more I don't have much confidence that studio 4C can get this right.

Jul 10, 2013
ForgottenSon says...

Haha yeah. I can't believe he's still got that up there to be honest, it's been what? About 5 years since we had the heated argument that caused him to quote me in his sig. It's kinda flattering in a way.As my month late reply might suggest, I too haven't visited the site that often. I occasionally drop on to update my list, more out of habit than anything else. My anime viewing has tailed off somewhat in the last year or so, save for the occasional week-long binge. Instead I spend my evenings browsing Reddit and Tumblr for far too many hours, wondering where the time went and lamenting the fact that I have to be up for work in less than 3 hours :PHow've you been keeping?

Jul 5, 2013
LoliTsundere says...

Hi VivisQueen,

Thanks for the recommendation, I heard about Tutu before but never intended to watch it yet. I'm gonna tackle it soon and tell you about my impression. I also took a quick glance through your "watched" list. Hopefully I can come up with a counter recommendation one day :D

I'm going to sit down with some friends tonight and watch the third part of the new Berserk triology. How did you like the new movies so far?

Jun 29, 2013
LoliTsundere says...

Hello VivisQueen,

Interesting question. I remember your comment, it was my first profile comment after all ^^ Over the course of the past two years I came to like the magical girl genre I initially despised. CCP sure played a part in it. Nowadays I give magical girl shows a chance which would have landed straight on my "won't watch" list in the past.

While it took me a long time to get into the show (~30 episodes) I'm glad i kept going. I just love most of the characters at this point as well as their development, also the designs and the costumes are great. Madhouse animation and music also convince, only plot wise I still think this show is a bit thin, which is why I just can't marathon this show and keep it on hold continuously.

At episode 46 I'm currently at a turning point though, all the cards are collected and I honestly have no idea where it's going from here on. While I was so looking forward to more plot, action and excitement I'm a bit afraid it might ruin the show for me now because at this point I'm content with episodic moe fluff and love it for it.

Jun 28, 2013
AirCommodore says...

Just started FtNW (I have no impulse control). Soooo good, though I'm not seeing the Erin connection. Granted, I only vaguely remember Erin. The episodes end at the weirdest times, though.

May 26, 2013