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isak0044 says...

and Baby steps forgot that one :) 

Jun 12, 2014
isak0044 says...

indeed though i really like your way of writing reviews, but i guess i will settle with vivafruits :), anyway would you recomend any of the new animes in 2014 other than No game no life, and Haikyuu! ? (i have already begund with both) :) thank you for your time ! 

Jun 12, 2014
isak0044 says...

Have you considered making a review of Monster? I can see you have reated it very high, and I would really like to hear your opinion :) 

Jun 11, 2014
Spaceface says...

I made a comment that you might want to watch "Sidona No Kishi" then I looked at your list and notice you already are. You have any good recs for the last few months?

Jun 4, 2014
uncaringbear says...

Thank you very much for getting back to me! I did check out Anime UK's site the other day, and was a bit frustrated by its layout and navigation, but I will give it another try. I will definitely check out your reviews there, as good objective reviews seem to be so scarce! Will have a listen to the podcasts when I get a chance.

May 14, 2014