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algelic says...

You've always been one of my favourite people on this website. ^^ you rock!

Jul 20, 2007
MonkeyZerg says...

Hey there, great profile. Nice to see some effort in a bio :)

As for the joke, I figured it was about driving a third of the way through. It totally reminded me of my aunt in the passenger seat next to me! I'm totally gonna hafta do that next time she's cooking :P



Jul 18, 2007
Harbin says...

Nice recs and excellent entries!  have fun on ur "vacation" :D

Jul 17, 2007
Reawen says...

Well, I initally came to your profile to comment on your recommendations - I've come across several, and they're great! But after I got here, I was sorely tempted to change to "Great Profile!" ^_^ Very funny!

Jul 16, 2007