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Firestorm says...

It has come to my attention that dispite all that you have done for this site that I have never said hi to you yet, so I am doing it now.  Hi.

In addition just because of your av, I recommend you check out my friend's av she just signed up here under the name Rens.

Aug 5, 2007
OneiChan says...

Ahahahaha! My husband can totally relate to that joke ;)

Aug 1, 2007
sothis says...

I miss you and am selfishly looking forward to you getting done with your summer job :)

Jul 31, 2007
Kivan says...

Well, just wanted to hi to  the only person that saw the similarities between Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon :)

Jul 21, 2007
algelic says...

You've always been one of my favourite people on this website. ^^ you rock!

Jul 20, 2007