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I am mad scientist, it's so cool. sonuvabitch

"If you don't know, then memorize it. Ho-oh as in phoenix, In, the temple. Finally, the Kyou in atrocious becomes Ma in truth. Hououin Kyouma...!"

I don't have a favourite genre of video game, therefore as long as its good, I'll play it. Although I do consider myself a nintendo fanboy.

My favourite video game series are: The legend of zelda, Pokemon( the main series,Ranger and mystery dungeon) The 2d mario games(although the 3d ones are also good), Super smash brothers and Animal crossing. I've also recently been playing LoL so add me there at VisoredFrEAk

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I feel like I have seen anime from a lot of genres, and I don't dislike any(apart from yaoi, I am not going near that stuff, no offense) but my favourite genres for anime are probably: Sci-Fi,adventure,action,mystery and Psychological meaning it fucks your brain up.

here are the anime/manga i have thus far seen/read
Please tell me if there is anything really good that isn't in this list, thanks.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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