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My, my, how curious you are to stumble your eyes upon this section...

To start out, I'm completely average. I go to school just like most people my age.

I enjoy flowers, and love the whole 'flower language' thing. The fact that you can communicate with something other than words amazes me. 

I am an Aries. ouob

I listen to music. Usually I listen to Asian stuff, be it K-pop or Vocaloid(Gumi~), but recently I've been really into songs made by bronies. If I listen to English music, it's probably from the 60's or 70's. ^^;

Aaaaand. I adore Anime. It is my joy in life. 

So that's it, then! Thanks for reading. m(.  .)m

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cronus7 Aug 6, 2014

Thank you! That really means a lot!

I hope it goes well, as well.

So, what all do you Sew? *please pardon the timely pun*

You said that things had been going on... If you DID need to talk to me, I have the same email address as always.

cronus7 Aug 1, 2014

I started writing a while back.

I've been listening to more and more complex music as I go along, and playing such as well.

Mostly been working on this prog metal/jazz/funk EP with a friend.

Like... Zappa, crossed with Primus and Racer X.

So like this:


And this:

That sums up the stylistic origins of most of what I write.

cronus7 Jul 31, 2014

Of course I kept up fencing, but I've left it in the dust in regard to music. I literally spend all my spare time playing guitar, lol.

And I understand, there's plenty of stuff I dont want to just post up publicly, especially personal details.

It has been a while though, I hope we can "catch up" so to speak.

How was your day?

cronus7 Jul 25, 2014

Dont think anything of late replies, I was away for 6 months one time...

I'm doing good. Playing a lot of gyosy jazz and speed metal on the guitar now, which is a really weird combo...

I think it has been like, a LOOOOONG time since we chatted... Whatever happened to all that? lol.

So, I'm doing great myself, but what of you?

cronus7 Mar 14, 2014

Was checking through my friend's list. came upon this.

Long time no see.

like ver a year long time.

ponies, eh?

ponies are fun.