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Naruto Shippuden

28 SEP

Recommended for:

If you can oversee stupid dialoge, if you like shounen

Not recommended for:

A lot of people

The good:

Good characters, good soundtrack, 

The Bad: (This does not apply to the first 75 episodes, I remember them being good. I also have a bad memory xP)

1-With each episode your idea of these "Good characters" is butchered

2-Bad soundtrack directing (The use of no soundtrack or 'fearsome music' in an exciting fight or something like this)

3-Endless flashblacks makes you feel amnesia patients are watching the show

4-weakening or strengthening characters when convenient to the writer

5-Ending fights in an anti climactic way

6-very slow pacing


8-when Naruto says the word 'friendship' its like he magically snaps the villian out of his evil coma

9-Horrible "twists"

10-Bad physics and movement (for example: Characters can dash from point A to B in 1 second but in a fight its like they are a 100 times slower)

11-Unrealistic emotions (forgiving someone for a silly reason or attempting to help a seriel killer)

12-Quality of artwork decreases in fillers and battles

13-Overuse of characters (for example Naruto's Dattebayo or Kakashi arriving at the perfrect time and acting calm)

14-Naruto is one of the most annoying characters ever made

15-loads of talking and explanation of crystal clear events

16- You can easily tell the failed attempts to attack in fights

17-Horrible world (Adding and removal of tech when needed and so on)

18-Epidemic Orphans

19-Characters are easily amazed by anything

20-common sense doesn't apply

21-They can't mention a character without bringing him back anyways possible (Filler, Zombie, alive, plot twist) no character will rest in peace.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 3/10
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  • Characters 3.5/10
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kenji123 avatar kenji123
Jan 10, 2014

I agree 90% of your opinion

Elementist avatar Elementist
Nov 30, 2013

I 100% agree with #14 & almost everything else.

foxkiuby avatar foxkiuby
Sep 29, 2013

I wouldn´t say that it is a 2 but agree with 95% of your reasons 

Varagauzer avatar Varagauzer
Sep 28, 2013


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