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Rebellion. What can I say... Ah yes! BOOBS!

As the rest of the series, Rebellion is boobs with an anime on top. And frankly that is the one reason to watch this show. I had two reasons to watch this show, I won't lie... The other reason was the beautiful soundtrack: Kuiinzubureido Meinteema, which sadly isn't in this season. Moving on.

The story is pretty much straightforward. Nothing exceptional, but it has plot twists, and a little mind bender. It ends rather unexpectedly, but it is kind of an anti-climax.

The animation however is nice. Pretty details (in a non-pervy way), and a nice mixture of coloring. Backgrounds are not too flashy and not too shy. But it's very nicely animated in the parts it's supposed to (if you know what I mean.jpg). If a person (not me) was to compare breast animation on anime shows, Queen's Blade in general will get very high on the list.

The sound is good. Not superb, not poor. Just good. Voice actors does their job, but what lifts the "sound" part of this series is the music. As previously mentioned, this season is missing one of the most beautiful soundtracks from anime I have heard, though I am a sucker for classical music. The other soundtracks are also nice though, but without the one I personally think is best, it somehow felt like something was missing, as it is the only other thing except from boobies I associate with this series.

Characters. They are kind of dissapointing. There isn't much to say really, except from that there is a new set of characters and you get the basic storyline from them.

Overall. Somehow I feel like this review is a bit longer than needed, so I'm going to sum it all up as short as possible. Don't hate it because it shows a ridiculous amount of breasts whenever possible. It's what it's supposed to do. If you're watching because of fanservice, your in for a treat, anything else, and your going to have to look elsewhere.



5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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